Topic: How do you upload pictures?

Mariana and Kdot have uploaded pictures. I got some pictures I downloaded from  I am having endless difficulty in uploading them. The one I did was huge and I deleted it. Others simply won't get on the post.  So what's the secret?  I've tried cursing to no avail.

Re: How do you upload pictures?

In reply to your other question, I mostly troll deviantart for royalty free or stock images.

I don't think cursing will work unless you're Heather

Re: How do you upload pictures?

You have to upload the pictures to one these sites that host images (like, and then enter a link in your chapter, or forum post, to the said hosting site (like "").  I'm not sure if you've followed that procedure. The recommendation is not to upload large images for they they ages to upload on any user's screen.



Re: How do you upload pictures?

Thanks, Gacela. But I figured out how to use the tNBW hosting site.