Topic: World Building: can I do it my way?

Hi everyone. Nice to meet everyone. I've been on the site for less than a week now and I'm loving every minute of it!

I do have a question:

In a sci-fi novel, does the world I build have to follow the laws of physics of THIS universe? I'm building my own multiverse; can the laws of physics there work according to MY laws?

I am working on my first novel. It is the first in a series that I envision. It is set in a multiverse (17 known layers or dimensions) with everyone running around from solar system to solar system, planet to planet in space ships, etc. You know the drill.

I also have a race of people in my novel who are innate magic users. They are born this way (shoutout to Lady GaGa.) I've been told I can't mix technology (aka science) and magic. My question is: why not?

I would love some input from any and all who may have an opinion on this.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, I have chapters of my VERY RAW first draft up: "Lady Silver: Warlock Chronicles, Book 1"



Re: World Building: can I do it my way?

In "Hard Sci-fi" the world is expected to conform to known physics. Any breach must be explained in context of the known (and generally kept to a minimum).

Soft Sci-fi allows more leeway (eg magic or time machines or space bees (Spider Robinson)) so that might be the group to target

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Re: World Building: can I do it my way?

Since your multiverse is made up, I don't see why it couldn't include magic. Even our universe can include magic. The only reason I can think why someone would object is that it becomes a little harder to choose your genre come time to publish.

In a pure science fiction novel, hard-core readers expect you to obey what is "likely" based on known physics. There is a great deal of theoretical physics about higher dimensions, but those papers are usually heavy on advanced math.

In my first book (shelved), I went for space opera, with at least a little grounding in science. For example, my terraforming took hundreds of years, required worlds that already had a human-breathable atmosphere (otherwise terraforming takes too long), and starter soil from an already-terraformed planet (or from Earth) to grow food for the early colonists. That being said, I had a form of hyperspace, blast cannons called novas, shields, blasters called crispers, anti-gravity tech, etc. All the stuff you see in Star Wars, except no aliens yet.