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If you have joined this group. Please feel free to ask other's to join.
If you like. Share your work like any other group.
If you like you can invite to read other work. etc. etc. etc. etc.
Thanks. For Joining.

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Again, thanks for the invite! Let's introduce ourselves and then see if we can draw in other folks.

I'm 59 years old. Live near Chicago, Illinois. Am an ex-Marine. No college degree; only some credits from a community college. I've been writing with serious intent since 2008, or so. I joined this site, the Next Big Writer, in mid-2013. I'm very glad I did so because I've received a LOT of help!!

My hobbies: exercising, playing with animals, namely dogs and cats. Reading. Writing. Gaming(Lumosity is a favorite site of mine). Conversing. Watching Youtube. I'm also an avid boxing fan.

I work at a grocery store(Jewel Foods). I'm probably going to be looking for another job soon, depending on whether or not my situation at the store improves.

I live in a condominium by myself and I'm not really much of a people person, at least not publicly. I converse over the phone, texting, and thru email, mostly.

Hope many more folks join!!


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G'day all, I'm Justin.

I'm 27 this coming August and I've recently gotten two books published on Amazon and a third on its way soon. I'm new to this site, and extremely shy in new things. However, I love to write, and I dont mind talking to others given time. I try to experiment with different genres, so I started with fantasy and am currently working on a sci fi story at the moment which is the next story i hope to publish.

If you would like to check out the fully published stories I've done please do on Amazon, as I have no money to market it and no sales for either books for some time.

Hope you all have a fantastic day,

regards, Justin Hunt

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Hi everyone. My name is Danielle (or Lisetta online) and I am 34, living in regional Queensland, Australia. Throughout my twenties I loved writing as a hobby, however it was something that I kept to myself (I am also incredibly shy when it comes to putting myself out there). Now that I am in my thirties I have decided to take my writing more seriously. I have dabbled with publishing short stories on Medium (usually magical urban fantasy) and have had a couple of them included in collaborative self published anthologies with my writers' group. We have published fire, and are working on the second in our series- water, with earth and air planned for the future. Personally my goals are to publish my own collection of short stories, and to finish one of the many novels I have floating around in my head.  I look forward to reading what everyone has to offer and building my confidence and skills as a writer as a part of this group.

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Welcome, Justin and Lisetta. Both of you sound like talented, ambitious writers. Hope each of you fulfills your potential!


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My name is Oracle28 on here and I am 26 years old. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and have a serious intention of becoming a published author. I love to write for the sake of writing and am underdeveloped with verbal communication, due to being raised in a domestic violence household. I wrote to understand the world more, as well as myself and to escape my harsh reality at the time,  and it evolved into my necessity for living. I was never good at meeting people because of my anxiety, but through writing, I have met amazing writers that inspires me to keep going, that can relate to me where I never could before.

I came here to focus on pursuing my dreams of becoming a published author, to meet and support other writers, and learn how to improve on everything. I hope my works inspire readers, like many authors have done for me when I read their works.

My hobbies  (besides writing right now) is reading anything I can get my hands on, listening to music, photography (I took my profile pic with my phone),  meditate in nature, spend time with people that I care about, doing yoga  (which I just started and love), cooking, traveling to new places, and volunteering.

If anyone needs a reader, I will be happy to do so. Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful night.