Topic: Hi!

I'm new to this site and new to writing fiction.

I am a retired academic and have published two non-fiction books as well as journal articles, op eds, etc.

I always wanted to write a mystery in which a victim advocate solves crimes.  I have background in the field and wrote my dissertation and my first book on crime victim compensation.  I have posted my first chapter, working title EXPERT VICTIM, and would welcome any and all comments, regardless of how brutal. 

I am trying to build up the nerve--and the points--to publish the eight chapters of a manuscript I recently completed, but that I know needs work.  It falls out of usual genres--it is a feminist fantasy about witches, who have a single power, wisdom.  It is very political, pro-environment and anti-Trump and I would love any insight about how it might be received on this site, and how I should list in in terms of genre to maximize responses.

I will be happily reviewing to build the points to post that book, and am starting with the folks in the groups I have joined, so I look forward to reading your work.  So far I am very impressed with the level of content on the site, and am surprised that some of the work is not yet published.