Topic: how to edit saved review

Hi all,
I'm a brand new member and was just reviewing a submission in a contest, and saved my in-line review on chapter one. I have no idea how to get it back so I can submit it. I have found a couple places where I can click to get to my draft, except it just brings me to the chapter, not to my saved review. I also can't find a way to search for this topic in the forums - the search button at the top of the page seems only to pull up book posts. Any suggestions?

Baffled and frustrated.

Re: how to edit saved review

Ok, figured out that I could use the drop down menu from my user name to choose "reviews" and find my draft review from there, view it, and then edit and/or submit. But the draft button should have got me there as well, I would think.

Re: how to edit saved review

Hi Joyce Anne,

You got it. If you need any additional help let us know.