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People write for different reasons. Some people enjoy writing and want to make a living from it. Others may write in a daily diary or journal. Some people enjoy composing poems writing the words and listening to the sounds of the rhyming and the rhythm. Some people are bold and venture to put pen to paper writing stories that need to be told. Some people write in a want to be published. Some people like Emily Dickinson write throughout their lives publishing few, if any, of their words. Some of us want to write poems, short stories, and novels. Because, we have a desire to write we are members of this website, we are members of this group. Shred is a unique group, its members are the hard-hitters of this website. Sometimes, the bruising is brutal and the bleeding is bad. Muscles bleed before new muscle cells are built.

When to start writing the story? Ernest Hemmingway said, "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”  This is one place to start. Like cities of this world there are many places to start. When starting to write the story there is a difference between concept and outline. Concepts and outlines make for great background. Far too often what we think is the start of the story is a concept of the story. We have an idea, and its time put the words to the paper.

Many uploads to this website are concepts of a story: an idea, a vagueness of a world to be created, a flavoring of the characters for the recipe of the story. There is a reason why the Bible begins with the Book of Genesis and why Genesis begins with the creation of the heavens and the earth and later with the creation of the things to populate the world.

When you write you create.  In the beginning the earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit was moving over the surface of the deep. We do grope in the dark before we write. There is a reason why the heavens and earth were formed before the things that walked the land. Sometimes, the setting and the scenery need developed before the characters are placed into the story. While many of us may not be religious or biblical scholars we are familiar with some of the stories in the Bible. Why? Interesting characters make for good stories.

Is the start of your story part of the concept? When you write are you still trying to flush out the story?

You could try Hemmingway's way. Start the story from the truest sentence you can write. Read what you have written, and try to find the perfect line. And from this true sentence the story can be told.

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People write for different reasons? Maybe. But it boils down to one thing; they have a passion or at least a strong desire to write for whatever reason. Now, it may be true that passion or desire comes about for different reasons, but the "want" is the only thing which drives one to write. One simply doesn't write if they don't have that passion from where ever it comes. Otherwise, they will not put words to paper unless "forced" to do so by some outside agent such as a teacher or other authority figure or perhaps an attempt to keep from starving so to speak.

Yes, lots of good stories in the Bible and they pretty much all were written because of the passion to write those stories. They most certainly weren't written by God, either personally or dictated. They were written by men who had a passion to preserve their accounts of what they believed. They
wanted others to accept their version of the story and often the different authors presented different versions of basically the same story because their passion had different details which they wanted to espouse.

So, I would say, yes, we may write for different reasons in a sense, but those different reasons are because of different passions or degrees of desire. Just an opinion of course. Take care. Vern