Topic: The Goldfinch

I have not quite finished reading this title yet, but I am in awe of so many passages that I've read so far, I was moved to start this group in hopes of hearing other opinions and sharing my own. 

Below are some of the passages that I've loved so far:

“Back in Las Vegas I've been able to look at it whenever I wanted - when I was sick or sleepy or sad, early morning and in the middle of the night, autumn, summer changing with weather and sun. it was one thing to see a painting in a museum but to see it in all those lights and moods and seasons was to see it a thousand different ways and to keep it shut in the dark —a thing made of light, that only lived in light — was wrong in more ways than I knew how to explain”

"Still I never felt so sure of the future; and when I reminded myself of the right-ness of my course, as I often had occasion to do, my thoughts went not only to Kitsy but to Mrs. Barbour who’s happiness made me feel reassured and nourished in channels of my heart which had stood scraped dried for years.  Our news had visibly brightened and straightened her; she’d begun stirring about the apartment, she picked up with just the tiniest bit of lipstick and even her most commonplace interactions with me were colored with a steady, stable peaceful light that enlarged the space around us and beamed calmly in to all my darkest corners."

“ Boris was right about his dope, how pure it was – pure white, a normal size bump knocked me cockeyed , so that for an indeterminate Interlude I drifted in and out pleasantly on the verge of death.”

A couple of sentences later....this is the passage....if words could be stunning.....

“... in whatever wink of consciousness that remained to me I felt I understood the secret grandeur of dying, all the knowledge held back from all humankind until the very end: no pain, no fear, magnificent detachment, lying in state upon the death barge and receding into the grand immensities like an emperor, gone, gone, observing all the distant scurryers on shore, freed from all the old human pettiness of love and fear and grief and death.”

What do you think?