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I received a message from Amazon today asking if I'd like to be included in a future promotion they are planning. The price of State of Vengeance would be reduced for the time period, as long as one year. Has anyone else received this kind of notice before? Do you recommend I accept? I'm always a bit wary of Amazon and some of their promotion tactics.

Re: Email from Amazon

Here's the message:


From time to time we reach out to our KDP authors and publishers about participating in certain types of promotions.

We are considering including your book(s) in an upcoming promotion in the, and other Kindle Book Stores. We would offer the books at a discount we determine off of your book’s list price (up to 75%) for a period of up to approximately one month. Your list price won’t change, so that customers see your list price and the discount. If your books are included, your royalty will be calculated based on our discounted price (not your list price).

If you would like to participate in this promotion, please follow steps below:

Re: Email from Amazon

They mention these kinds of things when you first publish with them, asking if you want to promote your book this, that, and the other way.  One author that published with them asked me if I was in on that promotion, as it helped her, and that's all I know about it.  These things sometimes work, which is why they're part of marketing, but they do lower your profits temporarily, and there are no guarantees they will work.