Topic: Secret police in the making?

Like the NAZI of the 1930s a secret force may be created by Herr Trump to check the status of all citizens of the USA and from that an underground resistance movement will start up. My mother remained a British citizen all her life, would that somehow cast me into the realm of Herr Trump's draconian measures to eventually cleanse America of all immigrant infiltrates?

In the realm of futuristic spy fiction (and reality) the pieces of the chessboard of espionage and dastardly deeds are in the 'defeat' planning stages.  Herr Trump will resonate for years even when he ends up in the trash bin of failed presidential candidates. He will not sit by in his money towers allowing elected civil servants free reign. He will plot and scheme to become King of America at some future date.

I do recall Adolf and friends did deport many who didn't fit their stratified credo of Aryan supremacy... and then the Holocaust happened. Herr Trump will spur a genesis of spycraft world wide. And, this is very good for the Spy genre in both fiction and nonfiction. … d=65645792