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So, we're coming down to the wire, and no one is a clear favorite. I'm sorely disappointed in the voting public, the political system and the candidates themselves, who've allowed themselves to be sucked into a contest of slander and invective. It looks like the final choice will be between a publicity-seeking buffoon and a woman of questionable ethics. What a choice! Any thoughts?

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Everybody--go over and read the essay "Hillary Loves Donald," by JLMo. It should be required reading for all voters.  JP

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I'm with you, JP, I am disappointed in the tenor of the campaigns this year. I wish to God we could just keep Obama. I think Hillary, Bernie and Kasich are the only sane candidates running, but they aren't exciting enough to command the airtime the others do. I will vote but am not going to be upset if who I vote for doesn't win. Whomever gets in is going to make the next 4 years interesting.

Then I see Trump speaking at one of his rallies and I wonder if this is how it felt in the 1930s and could my apathy bring about a terrible step backward for our nation. I don't know. All I have is faith that God will protect us with the checks and balances our founders put in place to keep tyrants reined in should they reach the White House.

And I agree with you, JLMo's article is a must read!!!


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Aww. Thanks for the endorsement! smile

My grandmother (who died in 1979) told me that she voted for the lesser of two evils. "Nothing new under the sun" as they say.

But, seriously, if Trump wins, I'll have a hard time looking at his face for however long he winds up being in office. Did you see John Olivers latest rant on Trump called Border Wall? Check it out. It's 18 minutes long, but worth it. The guy always cracks me up.

President Hillary Clinton. Just get used to it folks.