Topic: X-Line vs In-Line Reviews

Congratulations! You’ve received an in-line review from a caring individual who wants to help with your story. How cool. smile

When you open that review, you’ll notice two tabs at the top. One is “In-Line”, the default, and other “X-Line” which you can select.

If you leave the default, click where the text is highlighted to read the comments in a pop-up box. Then, click the highlighted text to respond to each one, until you reach the end (there will be at least five), where you can leave your own words of appreciation to the reviewer. Initially, there is a number 1 at the end of each comment. When you enter your response a 2 will appear, alerting the reviewer that you have responded to that line item.

You can select the X-Line tab, and all of the associated comments will appear in static boxes on-screen. Then, you can scroll through all of them, and reply accordingly (or not). Click the highlighted text, enter your response, and click ‘submit’.

On either selection, you will have the opportunity to enter up to 1,000 characters, a video, and/or a picture. I've not utilized any but the text to date, so, I'm not familiar with the additions. If you are, please add your words of expertise.

Side note: when you click on the highlighted comment, the full dialog box appears. If you place your mouse on the upper right corner, a small ‘thumbs up’ icon displays. This is where you can show your appreciation if the commenter found something stellar (or if there is nothing to ‘say’ in response). I would advise using sparingly.

Congrats, again. Now, be a good member and respond to the reviewer. They took their (very precious) time to offer advice. At the very least, say Thank you.

Re: X-Line vs In-Line Reviews

Thank you for explaining the difference between in-line and x-line reviews. I appreciate it.