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Grab a quarter, drop it in the jukebox (if you're old enough to know what one is) and play your tune.

I'm feeling rather mellow this morning, so here's my first selection for the Chillin Jukebox.

Promise to Love by Kem

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Re: Jukebox

Adele is back! She has released a new video to her single from the album, 25.

She does not disappoint. Click on the link below and hear it for yourself. I'm sure you'll agree.


Re: Jukebox

In this cold weather, I am island dreaming...

Jammin by Bob Marley


Re: Jukebox

Okay, I need me some good music for the evening...

Let's kick it with some ol' style Southern Rock. (Yeah, yeah, I don't care what genre they give it...)

Miranda Lambert - Somethin' Bad