Topic: Raise a glass...

My story For the Love of Ivory (formerly Elephanthology Light/Dark) is done and will be available on Kindle Monday the 13th of July.

My glass is raised for the memory of Phyl Manning, who was the inspiration for the story. That wonderful woman is not forgotten. *Cheers*

I'm rather embarrassed because I deleted the story from this website in anticipation of the publication, and did not save the reviews. I went back to find the names of some of you fine people that helped make the story great, and they were gone. I did remember Paul and Dags, but then I pulled a "Gilligan's Island" and added an "and the rest" type of acknowledgement. Here's the reference...

"...Paul, a/k/a Skeptikoi and Dagnee of The Next Big Writer website (and the rest of my reviewer group on that wonderful site); and finally, Phyllis Manning, who was the original inspiration for this story. RIP..."

So, my glass is also raised to each of you, and, now that I can breathe, I look forward to reading/reviewing and toasting all of you wonderful writers and your accomplishments. If you'd like, post here when you "get 'er done", and we'll raise a glass together.

Thanks so much!


Re: Raise a glass...

Well, it didn't make the 13th. But I did manage by the 14th! It's a great read, and I'd like to think I made Phyl proud!