I just had an individual review my short story, "The Heart of the Matter," and he is an atheist.  The really amazing thing is, although he is an atheist, he loved the story.  However, he did want to tell me about his non-religious belief.  Perhaps you should visit my story, and read the review he wrote. Perhaps, it will help you figure that out.


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Thank you for the welcome!  And it was an excellent review, thanks!


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I'm a new member who just joined the site today.  I've already posted my first short story, and I'll be posting more in the next few days.  I'm working on several projects.  I'm a multi-tasker who doesn't usually become blocked, because I work on different projects at different times, depending on my mood and inspiration.  I'm enjoying it here already.  I look forward to reading and reviewing many authors, as well as receiving lots of reviews on my own work.
Hope to get to know some of you.


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Hi!  I'm a new member here too.  I just posted a short story also.  I look forward to reading yours.
Tragedy and pain have a way of sucking the life out of you, but you can turn it around and make it work for you.
Use those feelings and emotions in your writing, and you'll be kicking out more words than you ever thought you could.