Sol, I forgot to add, I can add text at the top of the box. It seems, what I type first will eventually be last.  ie. The enter key starts a new paragraph at the top of the page. And hence that is where I left my parting comment "sorry for the chaotic review..."

Thanks, I appreciate it

jack the knife wrote:

I have an iPad 2, also. I can't do in-line reviews with it. I click on a passage and no highlighting occurs.

It can be done, maybe you aren't clicking right? I've got ipad2

First highlight the word -
- drag the little circles to make the highlight cover any other words you want to comment on
- touch the screen, but not on the highlighted area
- comment box will appear
- type comment
- submit.

I think I've relayed that correctly.

It's the comment box that is annoying. I haven't tried the regular review, so can't give feedback on that. Inline review comment box is the problem for me. The cursor jumped to the top. I would place the cursor where I wanted it to be, using my finger. Type more.
New paragraph, I would enter and it jumps back to top.
Place cursor back where I want and so forth
Until, the screen would no longer accept moving down anymore. I had not used
my word quota.
I had to submit my review as it was. Ending on a quirky note, and hopefully not to discouraging

Temple Wang wrote:

I have been having some frustrations to, but not to the extent I see here.  However, I did find one interesting thing today. If you have an iPad, using the dictation button for long sections of text is awesome.

Sounds wonderful!!
Imagine the reviews you could get done. ☺️

But... I've got ipad2. It doesn't have that feature.
It's a good enough reason to upgrade though.

I wonder if there's a dictation app...?

I find it difficult to type in an extended comment. I can only use the space given in the text box. I can't scroll down, and the enter key won't take me further down.

I can do the in-line review without any trouble. It's just the comment boxes that deters me.
Not that I do a lot of reviewing, but thought you might want to know. If it's helpful.


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Ah I see. Thankyou both for that. So unless you post to a group and in some cases, ( if the author has chosen) can only be seen by group members, your work won't be seen?
There is no way of searching for genre stories?
How can I browse the genres without going to or relying on groups?

Ok so I think I search the genres within the 'classic' ?
I think that's what I had been missing

It's ok. I think I will review one book at a time. big_smile big_smile
But I do like to lurk

I did a search for fantasy on the classic group, in the Content folder, but there was no new content. Haha. I guess there's no new fantasy posted? Shouldn't it show new chapters?

Edit: 2nd
Ok I was searching under Book which revealed nothing. I did not know I had further options I had to scroll to (maybe cuz I'm using iPad?) it's got to be novel. How weird? I guess book is work that is published?

Sorry for ponderous spam-babble. Perhaps it will be amusing  tongue because it's  driving me crazy!


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I have a question - could someone tell me how do I find new/ any fantasy or historical stories that people are working on?
I might be missing some way of searching sad


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Thanks Susan and Sol. That's great
I just assumed there would be a pop up notification similar to the Connection Request which I had been seeing. Because I assumed this, I was waiting without realising I had to be searching for it.


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I left a review (yay!) but I saw no notification that I had received a comment in response. I happen to look in my review folder and noticed the author had left a comment. It also seems everyone can see these author review responses?

Am I missing something? Or is it we have to do abit of searching to find review responses?

But apart from that -love the inline reviewing, it suits my review style. I had no idea!
And also I love the mini group forums (so cute) big_smile

Want to add, I'm always using the iPad for this ( unless I have to post written work) so far iPad has been great for reviewing