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Just a heads up, I placed "Chuck Steak" in KDP Select, made the ebook permanently .99¢ and am running a free promotion this Friday (11/30) and Saturday (12/1)! If you check it out and have a chance, I'd love a review:)

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Hey everyone! Been a very long time, but I just published my first novel, "Chuck Steak", which began on here all the way back in 2009. I know, I'm super old and outdated:) I originally wrote "Chuck Steak" as a short story for a contest, I want to say it was called "The Worst Wedding Ever". Although I didn't place, I received enough positive feedback which motivated me to turn it into a novel and submit the first 3 chapters in that year's Strongest Start Competition.

I wanted to drop by where my writing career really started, and I wanted to share the good news, because this site helped me find my voice, and it helped me push forward. Plus I made many great friends, some who helped me stay the course off-site after traditional publishing and all the politics involved nearly killed my passion for writing. Because of that, I’d like to encourage anybody who’s struggling to keep going, write for yourself, and let your emotions fuel your projects. It will pay dividends, and no matter how your project sees the light of day, know that finishing it is a feat to be grateful for!

If any old pals who were previously interested in my writing are still hanging around, or new ones are certainly welcome as well, I’d love some support! Just released my book yesterday on Amazon and am hitting marketing pretty hard, so if you like the idea, any review at all would mean the world to me! Here’s the summary:

Death once had a near-Chuck experience.

Meet Chuck Steak. His insides are well done. He’s a cop, but not just any. He’s the best. Hasn’t been one like him since the ‘90s. Won’t work with partners and disregards the collateral damage his boss is always screaming about.

Chuck Steak is USDA Prime badass, so having a bomb planted inside Mia, his secret, longtime girlfriend who’s been dreaming of marriage for almost a decade, should be just another day at the office. The problem is, an elusive villain challenges Chuck to deliver Mia’s dream wedding within a week’s time, or she’ll blow.

Overwhelmed with “girly tasks”, Chuck’s forced out of his action-heavy comfort zone and into scenarios which require words instead of bullets. One results in the loss of his right hand, and when it’s replaced with a black hand, this white cop (now .65% black) encounters a new kind of villain: racism.

With time against him, Chuck will have to find a non-violent way to convince the love of his life and her disapproving family that this isn’t another publicity stunt—that after all of these years, it’s finally time to ditch the legacy he’s been slaving over in favor of the family she’s always dreamed of. All while overcoming unexpected hurdles like his own department and their trigger-happy mentality toward minorities, backstories, a feminist gang, incredibly friendly Muslims, dementia, depression, gender equality, and trying to maintain action-orientated roots in an increasingly politically correct world.

CHUCK STEAK is a violent, brutally honest satire of our very diverse, yet segregated society. It attempts to seamlessly blend themes of love and hate while examining the reasoning behind people’s sometimes idiotic actions. All while turning tropes on their heads and obliterating stereotypes with explosions.

Here's the link to the Kindle version: … t+the+meat

Hope to eventually catch up with some of you;)

Thanks everyone!