Topic: Is anyone doing any querying?

I've been beating myself to death finishing a couple of projects and of course my time in TNBW has suffered. I know that querying agents or publishers very likely isn't on the top of the list for many of us who self-publish (and thereby also must self market and promote) However, I do know that some of us have successfully attracted both agents and publishers.

Personally I've been scared to death to try again even after attending that workshop. What I've learned since then is that the model I learned - from agents who actually work to acquire manuscripts and sell to publishers - is only the tip of the iceberg. Apparently different agents look for different styles. I wish there was a way to see examples of these winning letters from agents we are interested in. I write for a niche audience, which makes it even harder, but then most genres are fairly focused on a topic or age group.

Sooooo, any success stories - or flops to share?

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Re: Is anyone doing any querying?

I did a major flop. I picked out my top agent picks for my query and sent my first draft, which was terrrible. So, basically, I wasted my biggest hopes with my worst work lolol. Huge flop. But, my suggestion is to just go for it and not settle for anything less than fair. I am going to do one more attempt before getting a retail job and saving up to self pubilish. Good luck !

Re: Is anyone doing any querying?

I did a query and my top tip was to try to use my writer's voice in the query letter as well. I was also reading a lot of successful query letters and surprise- they all differ A LOT.

I guess in the end - use the writer's voice that you've got, tell them something interesting about you, and tell them a little about your story and why you chose to write it.

In the end I didn't make it that time, but it was because the anthology I was submitting my manuscript to was thrown in the garbage bin. Apparently the publisher didn't get what they had expected from any of the writers who posted their work. It happens I guess.

I think that sometimes our fear of "doing it wrong" is the main thing that hold us back.

Just go for it. GO! smile

Re: Is anyone doing any querying?

Hi Ava, yes, you have good advice. Using the writer's voice in a query gives the agent or editor a more accurate sample of your ability to write. They are better prepared for your manuscript. If you could share your query and the feedback you received for it, others could learn from you.

Thank you