Topic: Reminiscing--Best Reviewer Greatly Missed

I'm doing edits on Mountain Moonshine to get ready for Faulkner. I'll be taking it down when I send it off, so it you want to catch it, do it fast. As I was going back over old reviews, I just got weepy. Phyl Manning (Filliam) reviewed this story from beginning to end. She was one to offer phenomenal feedback, even if we often disagreed on stylistic things. I can hardly believe she's been gone almost two years. I miss her. Anyone else on here ever have a remarkable experience from acquaintance with Phyl? Let's give her a tribute.

She sent me Kiti on Ice in the mail. I must confess, I sort of stopped reading it when she died. It just took a lot out of me to think she'd never pen another piece. sad

Re: Reminiscing--Best Reviewer Greatly Missed

My exposure to her was limited, but her impact wasn't. She was a wonderful writer, reviewer and from what I gather from those that knew her offline, a wonderful person too. Always a sad day to lose such a cherished member of our community.