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You mentioned that there seemed to be an inconsistency in the book--that the young Heather didn't need the super-collider to get forward in time. In Chapter Nineteen, Heather is explaining the non-locality of mirrors.  Diane is pondering how to lug the older Heather around in the LHC without attracting attention.  Heather suggests it's easy to put someone in a mirror and demonstrates that.  And then, you can go from one mirror to another.  I add a little bit so as to make it clearer why they don't need the super-collider.  Thought you'd appreciate my follow-up.

Also, I changed one of Rhiannon's titles and added one.  She's the Guardian of Alfheim and Ambassador to Midgard.  I was using 'Midgard' synonymously with the world of mortals before, but decided to refine it to the world of humans.  So Alfheim would be another name for New Fairy, except it would include the goblins and their underground world, and any human territory (New Fairy, New Prydain, Terra) would be Midgard.  And if you can think of any more titles to add, that would be great.  I want the list ridiculously long. Thanks in advance.

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The next chapter I will post reveals "whodunnit."  After that is falling action--suspenseful but falling. I'd appreciate posts on who you think did it and why--the why being conditioned by clues you think you perceive.  You know--"I think Heveydd did it because he has a red beard, and men with red beards aren't trustworthy." 

This way I can gauge how well I'm bamboozled you all.

Thanks in advance!

Love, Rachel.

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Will do my best! I'm usually good at this sort of thing, but I usually sit down with a book and read straight through.

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CJ:  One of the reasons for distractors in murder mysteries--the young couple that always gets in the way, the exotic locations in one set on another planet. So, many mysteries are structured to interrupt your flow.  I have plenty of distractors--or, are they giving you clues???  lol

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I find clues everywhere, some I even invent myself. Then shed them when new information comes along. I've never read so many books at once, though, so my powers of deduction are not at their best. wink

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I don't read the mystery genre. I don't have a culprit in mind. I have a list of possible suspects (this list includes Modrin).

To me this has been 1. the adventure of Heather's escape 2. A fantasy

That there happens to also be a murder is not relevant to my reading... If the murderer turns out to be Thanos or Attila the Hun I'm ok as long as the character journey holds true.

I think you'll benefit more froma list of who is not on the list of suspects. R is on the safe list. e. Barbara and Diane are frequently on it... But being gone for 3 chapters gets them kicked off, do right now B is back in the pool.

I'll revisit when not on mobile keyboard

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Kdot, it is, viewed one way, "The Adventure of Heather's Escape."  Certainly, the plot structure supports that interpretation.  It starts with her imprisonment, goes through events where she tries to exonerate herself, then concludes with her trial and the aftermath.  (Can't say more w/o spoiling.) 

But the precipitating event is Modrin's death, the injury to order that is caused by it, and the detective coming in to restore that order (a typical, classical mystery plot).

The key, in the first instance, is--is the adventure fun and exciting?  Is the reader fascinated or thrilled by the scene changes and the characters' adapting to them?.  From the responses of you and other reviewers, I have turned that key well.

If you have a list of possible suspects, then the mystery is working, as well--especially, if characters come off and on it, depending on which chapter you're on.


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Can you tell us how Modrin died? I missed that part of the book because I'm a painfully slow reviewer. Was she poisoned, stabbed, bludgeoned?

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It was mentioned in chapter one of this book, although revealed in the book before.  She was poisoned *and* killed by magic.  Heather's magical signatures are all over her, and magical signatures are as distinct as fingerprints.  Furthermore, old Dr. Funkstone noted these signatures but oddly, for him, never followed through on his investigation, as if he forgot. Heather can mess with people's memories (as can messing up the timeline).  Grizelda, who took over for Funkstone as coroner, noticed the signatures were of the Silver Wheel and a relative of Rhiannon's might be involved.  Heather is Rhiannon's cousin, and her sister might also be involved.  (For that matter, Arianrhod, Rhiannon's aunt and Heather's mother, is the Mother Superior of the Silver Wheel. For that matter, Grizelda, although not of the Silver Wheel, is associated with them, and she was the one to reveal the presence of Heather's magical signatures.)  As Barbara observed, it will take an attorney like the medieval Perry Mason to get her out of this.

Oh, and I added a bit o detail about setting and clothing in the banquet scene.  I posted an edited version, but no points, as it counts as the same one, only re-edited but you might want to see what I did with your suggestions.

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I do remember now about the signatures, now that mention it, and thanks for the rest, I’ll keep an eye on where the others fit in the plot. I’ll also check out your changes.

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Indeed, Rachel. Don't answer to any of Charles posts. He's mocking Norm's posts. He's a troll and I don't know why Sol hasn't ban him. If you answer him, he automatically starts mocking you too.