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Just a thought I'm throwing out here. I haven't blocked anyone from reading my material. Hey, you can't please everyone. Somebody is going to not like your writing. However, giving feedback and critique doesn't need to be cruel or destructive. I've had my feelings hurt more than once, and not just on this site. I just think it's a little sad that people feel they need to block someone from reading their stuff. Just a thought here. If I've ever hurt your feelings, I apologize.

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So far, I haven't blocked anyone.  It would also take more than a disagreement or someone not liking my writing to make me use this particular functionality of the new site.  That said, I do think there would be times (0.001%) where it would be useful, for example where the feedback is abusive and unnecessarily insensitive.  Maybe I haven't been around long enough, but so far, I have yet to experience it.

I have no idea if I have been blocked.  But I would hope that I would be informed if any feedback I have given was hurtful before someone would go down this route.  That way, it would also give me as a reviewer the opportunity to grow and improve.  And to apologise.