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Here is a link to a great article from Brian Klems of Writers Digest. I follow this guy and try to follow his advice. To date, I haven't been successful - totally. But at least after putting some of these points into place, I did get requests for a 'full' a couple of times. I'm a bit nervous about querying out Jewel right now. I think I'm getting head-shy of rejects. Maybe after a short break, I'll try it again. I'm headed for a conference this weekend, so maybe I'll get my confidence up again.

Read this for a few pointers: … ery-letter

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Just went to the NJRW Conference last weekend and found it very informative and helpful. Feel your pain about querying, but I suggest you go for it and have confidence in your work.
Recently had someone rave about my story, request a full and then get back to me and said altho "interesting" not what she was looking for. Can anyone tell me what that means? I certainly understand rejection and the odds of the rush pile, but this agent read my query, 30 pages, requested a full, and then rejected. I feel like the rejected Any and all opinions welcomed...

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The good thing is that you made it past the slush pile and you even made it past the thirty pages. That says your query and your early chapters were great. So something in the middle or end didn't resonate. Did she offer any feedback at all? Keep sending it out. Right now you know you're on the right track. Would you mind posting your letter? It's free in here if you only select this group to post in, and only your connections and members of this group will see it.

I know I've read your work, but I have so much gobbling up my brain cells right now I can't remember your book.

Just don't give up. Some of the really great writers of out time went through reams of 'R' letters.

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Thanks MP....You prob have read my story. It was a finalist in this years Strongest Start Contest. Beyond Paradise, Romantic Suspense.

Have some other offers and will keep plugging, just thought that was an odd response, but who ever said agents were