SPY vs. SPY - for money, for love, for respect and for revenge.

Spy novels have: intrigue, histories of evil or decent people, deep cover operatives, deception, amazement, deceit, romace and more...

Spy novels have: complex plots that are like chess games that keep the head spinning.... but keep the brain churning and keep the intelligent man or woman on the edge on their seat... or the seat in the Aston Martin

And, where the hell is sonny?


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Spying on display 0 398 05/10/2019
robots will spy 3 2057 05/06/2019
Spy game up and running again 0 983 11/26/2016
Secret police in the making? 0 919 09/02/2016
Russians and poison 0 923 08/21/2016

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