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This group was once used solely for Christian stories. As part of a major cleanup of dead/dying groups, we've combined several of them here and renamed this Spirituality & Religion, which basically covers everything in the two named genres.

There are two rules in this group. The first is be kind. Discussions and questions about different faiths and spiritual beliefs are welcome since members here are probably interested in those topics, and we can learn from each other. However, bashing other faiths or beliefs is unacceptable and could get you removed from the group.


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Spirituality & Religion

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New Group Content

New Group Content

Short Story / Religion and Spirituality

April 22, 2015

Only to Group Members and Connections

Points: 0.15

Regular Reviews: 3

Shelves: 1

Short Story / Historical Fiction

April 17, 2015

Only to Group Members and Connections

Points: 0.59

Regular Reviews: 4

In-Line Reviews: 2

Shelves: 1

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