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This group will have a forum designed to be an organized central meeting space catagorized similarly to what we had on the old site. Please help encourage all to join and use!! I've left off the genre groups because we can use this site's group functions for that. But if you want me to add one here, I'm happy to do it.
Old forums

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Language: English

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Founder: Linda Lee

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Public group! You don't need need moderator's permission to become a member.

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Sticky : Member Announcements 27 10817 04/15/2015
Sticky : Strongest Start Contest 2 1388 03/01/2015
Sticky : Writing Feedback 4 1867 01/23/2015
Sticky : Recommended Work 2 1483 01/17/2015
Sticky : Writing Tips & Advice 2 1716 01/02/2015

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