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I decided to form a group dedicated to the back and forth that goes on between members with differing opinions that, while entertaining, really doesn't belong in the main groups. I want to give a platform to those people who need a place to vent, yell at a reviewer or a writer who's offended them, discuss political stances without fear of being censored and/or thrown out of the group. No threads will be deleted by me, so if you come to find a thread deleted the person who started it is responsible.


Members should first invite the non-member they have a disagreement with to join them in the forum. If that person declines, no post addressed to or about that person. You can still rant about them, just don't mention their names.

No threats of physical violence.

If the person is already a member, invite them to discuss the issue between you.

No whining to me about what's being said.

That's it. you can join for a while, vent and leave, then come back the next time you need to rant. Just remember the forums are public so everyone will see your posts, don't post anything you don't want the whole community to see.

Also, you can post your work here as with the other groups, but it will cost you.

Okay, go to your corners and welcome to FIGHT CLUB.



Fight Club

Members: 5

Language: English

Points System: Yes

Founder: dagny

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Access: Public

Public group! You don't need need moderator's permission to become a member.

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Almost three years! 0 685 01/29/2018
The Political Home Stretch 3 2021 03/23/2016
Build it and they will come...sorta 6 3586 12/23/2015
Reviewers 8 5368 06/11/2015

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