Dynamic Dialogue

Dynamic Dialogue

Start: Sep 21, 2015

End: Nov 02, 2015

Language: English

Founder: LAMackey

Price: $5.00

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Dynamic Dialogue



Dynamic Dialogue

Instructor: LAMackey

This Class has ended. Find a list of active classes here.

How do I create dynamic dialogue? How can I identify what I’m doing wrong? Why doesn't my dialogue read like natural speech? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, this course is for you. 

LA Mackey, a founding member of TheNextBigWriter.com is offering a six-week introductory dialogue course for beginner writers. As a professional video producer, she has been writing and editing commercially dynamic dialogue for television and video over twenty years. Drawing from this experience, and using the posting, editing, and communication tools on TheNextBigWriter, she has created a class that will help anyone write dialogue like a pro.

Some of the basic topics covered in this class include:

  • What is Dialogue?  The Dialogue Mantra 
  • Simple Rules of Punctuation.
  • Dialogue Tags & Character Movement: types & roles.
  • Effective & Ineffective Dialogue
  • Making Dialogue Believable & Expressing Character
  • Final Reviews & Group Analysis

Who would take this class:

Writers who are struggling with creating dynamic dialogue and who want to learn the basics.


  • You must have a completed dialogue driven scene between 200-1000 words prior to the start of class (novel excerpts are fine). You must be the sole author of this writing.
  • You will be required to create and post weekly samples of your writing.

By the end of this class:

  • You will have attained the skills to create dynamic & believable dialogue.
  • You will have written or edited a previously created piece that applies the principles learned in the class. 

Class Structure

Assignments will be posted twice a week for six weeks. They will consists of a written lesson, a homework lesson, and a group review session. Class interaction will also be part of the experience. Assignments will be posted using the site's posting system or in the forum. Conversation and feedback will be provided in the class forum or in the reply comments to posted documents.

Class Cost

There is a fee of $5.00 USD to take the class. Both Premium Members and Basic Members can take the class although Premium Members will have a few more tools to use, such as in-line reviews. All new members of TheNextBigWriter are given 7 free days of Writing Membership after which they can decide to remain a Writing and pay the membership fee or downgrade to a free Basic account.  

Group Messages

Topic Replies Views Last Post
Lesson Five 22 9351 11/02/2015
Pertaining to Lesson 4 6 3579 11/02/2015
Evaluations 5 3477 10/29/2015
Lesson Six 7 4090 10/29/2015
Pertaining to Lesson 3 16 7368 10/26/2015

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