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The Crucible, an intensive small-group writing workshop for aspiring novelists 


This workshop is designed to provide an intimate workshop setting for aspiring novelists to complete their manuscripts within six months. 


1) Receive and provide continuous, quality feedback on chapters and other content, including responsive comments within inline critiques of others 

2) Share writing tools, resources and advice 

3) Complete your novel summary, query letter, back book cover, along with your edited manuscript 


1) Remain active

2) Provide brutally honest feedback 

3) Submit one to two chapters for review each week 

4) Provide an inline critique for at least one chapter for each group member each week 

5) Offer responsive feedback of others' inline critiques 

6) Be committed at least six months

7) Pursue excellence in your own writing and help others develop their craft

Other details:

-Group will not be point-based. However, you may post to other point-based groups to receive widespread input, if desired. 

-Chapters may receive multiple inline critiques for the same author by the same reviewer

-Chapters will be marked complete once the group and author are satisfied with final version 

This group is for serious writers only who are interested in attaining excellence and creating the best novel they can. 



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Language: English

Points System: No

Founder: JeffM

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