The Brave – Community of Christian Writers Group

This group is a place where Christian writers can gather and share their faith journeys with fellow Christians as well as the novels, poems, scripts, songs etc. that they are writing. Since not all Christians write only Christian books this group will be open to all genres that they are inspired to write about at this time in their life.

The forums will be a place to share your personal journeys, inspirational thoughts, sermons that inspired you or moved you in some way. And to discuss the current project you are working on.

Through this group my hope is that we can grow as a community to help one another with our writing and with any struggle that we are facing at the moment. And that we will not only help one another to become better writers, but better Christians too.

My challenge for us all is to be Brave in the face of adversity.

This as an open group, as a Christian I feel that an open door policy is what God calls me to keep. So all I ask is that we treat each other with love and respect no matter what you believe or don’t believe.


Brave – Community of Christian Writers

Members: 49

Language: English

Points System: Yes

Founder: mikira (AKA KLSundstrom)

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