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Hello everyone – I am brand new to this group and I appreciate your welcoming environment. I don’t want to break any posting rules, so if I do please let me know and I’ll change it. 

I run a recently launched blog (just launched in April) called The Rare Bird Writes. As it says on our site, The Rare Bird Writes is a collective of permanent and guest authors. We share our unique perspectives in an open-minded and compelling way.

With essays and articles, short stories and serials, poetry, and an advice column, there’s something for everyone.

I am looking for aspiring or established writers who would like to write for The RBW. I’ll post the link to the page as well as the FAQ page which will give you submission guidelines.

Keep in mind when you submit:

Is this something you would be excited or intrigued to read about online?

Is your piece something that is current or relevant in the world or news today? (for articles and essays)

It is an open-minded, open-voiced blog. Our tagline is – Rare Voices Write. Honestly. We’re not looking for closed-minded, hateful content.

What can you educate me, as a reader, about?

If you submit regularly, you could get a permanent or rotating author spot, in which case I will send you our info (logo, etc.) so you can get business cards or e-cards made up that say you write for us. If you’re a budding author, this gives you a resume builder and we are HAPPY to help with that.

Don’t worry if you have never submitted a piece before. We want to give people a chance. Additionally, we have full-time authors who have written and published dozens of books. It’s a chance to all learn from one another and improve our craft. It is meant to be a productive, helpful little community.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, I encourage you to check out the site – and actually read the other blog posts – to see if you feel like your writing would be a good fit.

If you have an idea for an ongoing series, I’m totally open to hearing about it! For example, right now I’m working on a series featuring strong women in unique circumstances. You could contribute to something like that.

There’s also an advice column! I’ll need help with that, because I am no expert in everything. :)

Finally, if you have experience in building a site through Squarespace, that is rad, and you should talk to me. I want the site to continually improve, but had to teach myself everything so I am open to suggestions, feedback, and assistance in that area.

Thanks for reading and for your time, everyone. I truly hope to hear from you.

~ Elle Becker

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