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Hello all!

This is T.S.Adrian. I am slowly making my way back.

Question: if I have already self-published a book, can it still be work shopped here?

The 4th book in my series has been on Amazon for a few years. I never got it professionally edited. I didn't have the money. I ended up doing all that myself.

If I wanted to run it by your eyes now, are there any rules saying this cannot be done?


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I published two novels around four years ago. Since then, I've revised it several times to correct errors (mostly typos). if you self-publish, especially if you use Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), you are the one who puts up your novels for sale by uploading a preformatted file. If you change your source file and re-upload, it changes what the eventual consumer will see. Think of it as a "second edition" of your novel.

When I do an update, I always add a single line under the copyright as to it being a revision--adding the date.


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TS, yes you can re-workshop it here. No problem at all.

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Thank you for the replies, Dirk and "B". Good to know!