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Dear All,
I just started with TNBW yesterday, so am trying to learn the ropes. Some questions that I have:

MJ already helped me with an editing tool to make my posting more legible.  So, if I want to redo the posting how do I erase it so that I can repost the better-edited one?

I did three reviews so far and I saw that they all had a copyright sign attached. Pray tell how I do that. None of my stuff is published, so I never thought that far.

I noticed that many members have already written many chapters in their book. So, as a newcomer, if I start chapter 1 and review, it will not be very useful at this stage, right? So, should I just consider short stories poems etc.? I know I will learn from everyone because I am new writer, but I would like my 2 cents-worth to be useful to somebody too.

Thank you

That is all for today!

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Re: Questions from a novice

1)  If you want to re-do the posting, just copy your new material, then go to the very top of the home page on this site to your name.  It's in a blue box and has a pull-down tab on it.  Click there, and choose Portfolio.  It will pull up your chapter, and to the side of it you will have a box that says Action and inside a choice of things to do.  Choose Edit.  Then choose Content.  Then the old material you posted will appear.  Just delete all the old stuff, then go back to the top and do CTRL V to paste your new material, then hit NEXT at the bottom.  All the old stuff will be gone and the new will be present. 

2) Yours is copyrighted, too.  Look at the very bottom line of your chapter.  Once you post something, it is automatically copyrighted.  Nobody can steal it or use it without your written permission. 

3)  It's always best to start a novel with Chapter 1, but that's your choice.  Most writers would prefer you start with 1 so your comments will be knowledgeable.  Most of us post a chapter at a time, but we wait until the final chapter is published to go back and dig into all the comments and do our editing.  To answer your question about whether or not it will be useful at that point, the answer is YES!   We all love to get different opinions and ideas, and even though we may be on Chapter 30, having someone start anew on Chapter 1 is not only exciting, but we gather ideas for our re-writes.  So don't hesitate to go to Chapter 1.

I hope I've answered your questions, and I know others will have some valid info for you. 
I loved your first chapter!

Happy trails,

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Re: Questions from a novice

What Marilyn said. smile

Re: Questions from a novice

Welcome, Anika. Marilyn and Jack will keep you straight.:)

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Hey everyone! More power to your writings!
My stories are unique and outside the box and all imaginary made up except for the cigarettes, the apple juice and the coffee. My characters are immortals and they live forever and it takes a whole century for a fifteen to turn sixteen. I use centuries instead of years.
I love writing stories the way I like it.