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Hi folks - just saying hello. I'm new here. I'm a published poet in UK but am keen to get my new novellas published - or at least have someone to chat to about how good/bad/indifferent they are! LOL. Keen also to help other writers wherever, or however I can.. Cheers Neil

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Welcome, Neil. Be sure to check out a forum post in the Writing Tips & Site Help group on how to maximize the number of reviews you receive. Also, since you're interested in sci-fi, you may want to join the Fantasy, Magic, and Sci-fi group, where us nerds hang out. You have to be a member of groups in order to see their forum posts displayed on the right-hand panel of your home page.


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Hi Neil.

Welcome aboard! Look forward to reading your work.


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Hello. Neil,
   Welcome aboard. You'll find plenty of assistance out here.


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This is a great site. Welcome aboard.
Do the contests!

George FLC

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome Neil!