Topic: Looking for Beta Readers

It may seem strange to be looking for Beta Readers here. My stories have already been read and reviewed!!!! However, after nearly 15 years of writing short stories, I am biting the bullet and having them published. And I need real reviews, on Amazon, on the day the book comes out, in order to convince others that the stories are good.

I wish I could offer you something in return, but I cannot - it is unethical.  I think it may even be illegal. I can't even offer to review your works in exchange. All I can do is send you a soft copy and cross my fingers that you like it. I'm expecting it to be out of review at the end of the month with a book launch sometime in June.

Below is the book description. If, based on the description, you think you would enjoy reading it, and would be willing to post a review when the book launches, please send me an e-mail. 

Let this uplifting collection of twelve short stories about African-American men and women take you to places where money can’t buy love and happiness. Read stories about strong mothers and fathers, about love and romance. But also about life’s challenges. A miscarriage, abortion, adultery, bisexuality, obesity, incarceration, alcoholism, domestic violence. Death and dying. And watch as characters find their way, find love, or just find themselves. Come explore the world of Afro-Bougie Blues. A delightful assortment of stories awaits you.