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Topic: Publishing?

Has anyone had any success publishing religious or spiritual items? Many years ago, I came across a Christian Native American publication, and I volunteered a couple/few articles and they published them. I don't know much of the world of religious publishing. Any thoughts or success stories from anyone?

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Re: Publishing?

Google for Christian or religious/spiritual publishers and their submission criteria. Such publishers exist, although the criteria for Christian publishers are naturally more stringent than "mainstream" publishers. I think you'd be hard-pressed, for example, to publish anything with significant violence through Christian publishers. I had hoped to eventually publish my Lord of the Earth series through a Catholic or Christian publisher but found it impossible to tell a story about the Apocalypse without at least some violence. It was actually the original reason I limited virtually all violence to be "against" demons. Also, mainstream publishers publish family-friendly stories, and that would provide you with a longer list of potential publishers. You can also find the names of potential publishers by looking for comparable novels in a library or bookstore and checking who the publisher is.

Re: Publishing?

Oh well. Maybe we don't have to worry about publishing if Russia is Magog! The end could be upon us! I found this online:

Russia and its leader are the descendants of the aggressive tribe of Gog of Magog whose ancient land was north of the Caucasus Mountains which is today the country of Russia. And Bible prophecy foretells that Ukraine will be brought under the dominion of Gog of Magog in the Last Days.

Re: Publishing?

Gog is having a bad week if the extent of the damage to the Russian economy is any indication. I saw a list of companies that have suspended operations in Russia. Quite long.

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Re: Publishing?

Then I guess I'll post chapter 6 in the Nephilim book and stop work on the bunker. But why should I dig a bunker if the rapture occurs?? That won't work out well, will it? Of course, if the rapture is post tribulation, then I should keep on digging and post my chapter. If pre-tribulation, then forget the bunker and the book. Truth be told, I'm pan-tribulation...It'll all pan out in the end... so I'll post the chapter.