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Hey everyone.

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Welcome to the site, I.D.  Don't forget to join the Writing Tips & Advice group.

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Thanks, Dirk B.

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Hello. I am new to TNBW. I see plenty of stories to read and many have matured quite a bit over the years. I'm inclined to start at chapter one to get a sense of the characters and storyline, but would that be inappropriate? I would hate to disrupt the writer's flow if I were to make comments on something that far back.

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Hi Molly. Welcome to the site. You should absolutely feel free to start at the beginning of a story. Most authors prefer that you do. You can always ask the author if they still want feedback that far back. In answer to your quickee, I'm always happy to have more reviewers.

Be sure to also join the Writing Tips & Site Help group if you haven't already. There's a topic/thread there in the forum about how to maximize the number of reviews you can get.

The site's groups were recently cleaned up, so the ones that are left are the ones we hope will see more usage. If you write anything that might be considered Fantasy or Science Fiction, be sure to join the Fantasy, Magic, and Sci-fi group. It has the most active forum outside of Premium. See the group description for that group for a list of the many kinds of stories people usually post there.

I'm also a moderator for the Young Adult & New Adult and Religion & Spirituality groups. They're a little quiet right now, but we hope that will change going forward.