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Topic: Welcome to the Religion & Spirituality group

We've recently renamed/revived this group as Religion & Spirituality, and it's intended to be the go-to group for writers of those genres. If you write fiction that spans multiple genres and you're not sure which group to use, the site allows you to post stories to multiple groups, so feel free to use whichever ones you think are appropriate.

All discussions appropriate to the group are welcome, including sharing of information about different beliefs, provided they are polite, non-debate discussions. Attacking individual beliefs will not be tolerated.

If you'd like to use the forum for brainstorming with other members about your stories, the preferred practice is to create a brainstorming thread (i.e., a "topic"), usually one per story, named Story Name by Member Name or similar. Group members can then use that thread to discuss the named member's story. You can keep updated on discussions by subscribing to the threads that interest you, or simply check out the forum from time to time and comment when the spirit moves you.

Other topics/threads for other purposes are welcome as well, including requests for reviewers for new stories. Please be prepared to reciprocate, though.

If you're new to writing or new to the site, please also join the Writing Tips & Site Help group, where experienced authors and members will do their best to answer your questions. Be sure to check out the forum post in that group on how to maximize the number of reviews you get.