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Topic: What're your plans for this year?


Now that we've all skidded into 2022, willingly or not, I was just wondering what y'all's goals are for the coming annum, and if you have actual plans to accomplish said goals.

For me, this year will be one of revision. To start, I have a four-book project (The Last Raptori) I want to get back on the shelves of Amazon. I recently finished the first big revision of the first novel, I, Warden. Going to hit it again, then throw it on my Kindle for yet another look-see. I hope to conclude these revisions by the end of this month. Along the way I plan to crack open the second book, Lost Warden. It's a bit longer than the first, so I'll give myself more time. Same with the third book, Witch Warden. In between I'll revise Null Warden, the accompanying novella. I hope to have all four done and available for purchase again by the end of June. this includes having covers done up professionally.

After these, I'm going to crack open my science-fiction novel, Maiden. I'll give that the same treatment as the others, and hope to have it all fresh and purty for posting by the end of September. Then I'll blow the dust off my fantasy novel, In Possession of N-ergy (the one with Lake-Ellen). If all goes well, this one will be ready for sale early in 2023, and I'll be working on the sequel, In Control of N-ergy.

Along the way I plan to write two new Mother stories for my Tower collection, then clean everything up one last time and probably self-publish. I do have Mother of Draglins out for consideration, but to be honest, my efforts are half-hearted. The few benefits to trad publishing aren't really enough to compel me to seek that route over indie publishing, and to be frank, the social media presence the trads want an author to have are terrible distractions to me. I'll be happy to stick with just my website and newsletters, thank you very much. The goal with these is a summer publication, each story/collection spaced out over a month (July/August/September--I have three things to post: two novels and the Mothers of the Tower collection). The two new Mother stories I plan will be the only 'new' things I write this year, I think.

In addition, I hope to become more familiar with Photoshop and Corel Painter with the intent to do my own book covers at some point. I already have Photoshop experience (along with 3D animation using Maya). I recently purchased a Wacom Cintiq 22 (because I could and it were on sale) and this has ratcheted up my ambitions. I'm not going to rush this, but it is on my list of things to do. And it's fun.

Now, working on multiple books will be new for me. I've never dived (dove? divened?) into two at once. Since these are revisions, I figger I should be all right. But we shall shee. Got all year to figger it out.

Of course, all along the way I hope to review and post and keep this side of the life alive. Fortunately my work allows this some nights. When I'm not at work, I just have to set a schedule and stick to it. So, no more YouTube! (Or, well, not as much--got to have my cat videos.) I'm fairly optimistic I can stick to a plan, should I ever develop one. Maybe in 2023 I can see if another idea I have will work where it comes to writing and publishing new material: most people divide the year into fourths and try to finish a project every three months. I'm going to use four-month blocks and finish three projects a year. That's the idea, anyway. We shall shee.

So, what all is your direction this year? It's already the seventh. This year is flying by! Don't procrastinate, put butt to chair and fingers to keyboard. Even if it's just a single project, I'd like to hear your intentions. Maybe we can cheer each other on!

Thanks for reading. TL:DR: There's a bee in my bonnet to git things done this year.

Re: What're your plans for this year?

I hope to finish most of Saving Connor. I've also decided that the three-book project is simply too big for my writing pace, so I intend to write just one meaty book made up of three long novellas, corresponding to what I had originally intended to be three full novels. Eventually, I hope to do the same with my Galaxy Tales trilogy - whittle it down to three parts of a single, large book. I actually think I have a shot at finishing both before I drop dead, with perhaps time left over to tackle a third project.

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Re: What're your plans for this year?

I believe in miracles therefore:
1. I want to win a writing contest somewhere!
2. I want to understand basic English like how and when to punctuate without memorizing the CMOS.
3. I want to successfully manage character swarms.
4. I want to finish a book for the first time in my life. In particular, the one posted on my profile. And then get it published and then sell the movie rights and then...

I have a very computer intensive job and now a very computer intensive writing hobby (addiction?). I hope to figure out how to pace my computer and regular book time so that my eyes aren't regularly tired.

Re: What're your plans for this year?

Fun thread!

1) Write six more books to complete the Express Investigations Series
2) Fire up the self-publishing marketing machine
3) Sell some books.

That oughta keep me busy. smile Looking forward to the journey will all you fine folks.

Go us!

Re: What're your plans for this year?

I want to get off the dime and finish at least one of the 18 novels I've got sitting on my hard drive. Some are in the process of creating the story arc, others need severe editing, and the rest are somewhere in between. Sloth, pure sloth, and a touch of health problems including a heart cryoablation have cropped up to hinder me.

Turning eighty this year really bugs me, but it shouldn't be an excuse. Lilian Jackson Braun was in her mid-nineties when she wrote her last "The Cat Who...." novel. I want to keep going just as long as I can. Luckily, no sign of arthritis has shown up in my hands (probably because I've been typing since I was fifteen - even during my Navy career) so I'm able, just lazy.

Still reading, though. I've only just finished the entire Elizabeth Moon Heris Serrano and Ky Vatta series of books.

Time to quit procrastinating and get back to writing.


Re: What're your plans for this year?

I look forward to reading something from you, Bill. And may we both live to Betty White's age (or longer).


Re: What're your plans for this year?

Many thanks to everyone for sharing!

I plan to have Ultimate Escalation ready to send to my publisher by June. Will continue working on Mission: Yemen, Frozen Conquest, and Vendetta. Haven't posted any chapters for these yet. Also hope to finish a few more chapters of New World Revolution: A New Home.

Re: What're your plans for this year?

This year I hope to publish my first book, then write most of the second. The goal will likely outlast the year, especially since my family and friends made clear over the holidays that they'd like me to get my nose out of my laptop and spend some time with other humans before I morph into a gollumesque cave critter.

@Seabrass - there might be a few bees in your bonnet with that goal list!

Re: What're your plans for this year?

Hey, Apricots!

Underachieving is always an option!