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Topic: Need some help with published point posts!

I published some writings to the points groups, but didn't realize how to properly join up different chapters under the same book.
So it went that I published as different 'books' or 'story'.
Is it possible to merge my posts without deleting and re-posting. If I have to delete could I still retain the saved comments/edits/points or does it all have to be wiped?

I tried emailing support last week but didn't receive a response back. I know the holiday season is upon us, so it may take a little while to get a response.

Open to suggestions,
Thank you,

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Re: Need some help with published point posts!

So getting your points back probably won't happen—though maybe Sol will admin them back to you. I'm pretty sure that "support" is just Sol, so he might be away for Christmas.

As to keeping your comments/reviews, you can go to "Post Your Writing" in the top bar beside Home, to the chapters you want to redo, all the way to the right click "action," then click "publish setup," change the first setting there (Visible) from Active to Inactive. It'll make them invisible to others but won't delete the changes you've made or your feedback/reviews, it just prevents others from seeing it.

Good luck!

Post your Writing
Action (menu)
- Publish Setup
Visible (menu)
- Inactive