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I tried posting in the "New Member Questions" sticky but got no response.

I'm trying to keep track of things I want to read from my connections and others who review my writing. I am pretty sure that hitting the "+read" button next to "Shelf it" and "IL Review" on the story/book/poem is supposed to do that, but I don't know where to find the list after adding things to it so I can actually read them. Where's the "to read" list at?

Also, just a suggestion, but if there is not already some method of doing this already that I've missed, I feel strongly that there should be a bookmark feature. I've had to keep a window open for days now even when I'm not on the site cause I'm afraid I'll lose my place thirty chapters in and it'll take me a good while to figure out where I was at again if I close it. In addition, it always takes a while to find where I was at if I've only read part of the chapter. When I go back and reread this book, I won't even be able to rely on my reviews to find my place, because I'll have reviewed all the chapters already.

Re: Read List, Bookmarks

Also, when downloading cover images, what size are we supposed to use so that it doesn't end up sideways?