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Topic: Announcement - Group Cleanup Complete

Sol's cleanup of the site's groups is largely complete. For those who haven't looked at available groups recently, the list now all fits on one page. That should make it possible to find active groups and forums.

Below is a highlight reel. See the group descriptions and newly added Welcome threads in the forums for details.

- the Writing Tips & Site Help group combines two previous help groups. If you're new to writing or the site, please join. If you're old and wise, please join and help answer questions as they arise. There's a forum thread in this group with suggestions on how to maximize the number of reviews received.

- the medieval fantasy group and two sci-fi groups have been merged. The surviving group is called Fantasy, Magic, and Sci-fi. This group is intended to be the go-to place for all stories of the fantastical. This group's forum is the most active on the site, second only to Premium, so check it out.

- the Young Adult/NA crossover group is now called Young Adult & New Adult and is intended for those two genres.

- the Christian group is now called Religion & Spirituality and is intended for all stories and discussions related to those genres. This group once again has a heartbeat, so please check it out. George is looking for help there on a Christian-Native American crossover story.

- the New Novelists group has been retained as an intimidation-free zone for new authors to go to discuss writing and their works in progress.

- the thriller/mystery/suspense group and Romance Inc. are basically unchanged.

- This is US, Close friends, Ballyhoo, and a couple of smaller groups have also been retained.

For those like me, who write stories that span multiple genres (e.g., a young adult, supernatural, Catholic thriller), the site allows you to post to more than one group simultaneously, so the stories can be found in all selected groups. The site handles that very cleanly. And now those active groups and their stories can actually be found!

Naturally, everyone who has access should be posting to at least Premium since that's where all the cool kids hang out who give the best/most reviews. And if you're not posting with points, you'll have a hard time getting many reviews.

More groups will probably be added as site needs warrant.


Re: Announcement - Group Cleanup Complete

Appreciate all the work you guys did!