Topic: The New Members Thread

If you've just joined this group, please use this thread to say hello and tell us anything you'd like us to know about yourself, including your writing background and stories you may be working on.

Re: The New Members Thread

Hi! I just joined and am excited to give and get feedback. I'm an academic editor for English second language students, so I am better at leaving grammar and punctuation feedback, but I am excited to learn more about creative writing! I finished my first novel a few months ago and am not sure if it's interesting to anyone but me, so I'm excited to hear from others! I'm also currently writing a second science fiction novel and am about 1/4 of the way through. smile

Re: The New Members Thread

Welcome, Hyung. I think you'll find the site very worthwhile. Be sure to join the Writing Tips & Site Help group as well. There's a thread there in the forum on how to maximize the number of reviews you get. Reviewing other author's works is the best way, since most people reciprocate. Since you're writing fantasy and sci-fi, you may also find the Fantasy/Magic/Sci-fi group useful. I had a peek at your first chapter and it looks interesting. I'll try to review it tomorrow.