Monster Prescription Drug Job Story Contest

Monster Prescription Drug Job Story Contest

Write a monster prescription drug job story and you could win $150.

The challenge of this contest is to write a mixed genre story that combines three elements:

  • A monster (Frankentein, Dracula, Medusa, etc.)
  • A prescription drug
  • Some type of job or profession (bartender, doctor, laywer, construction worker writer, etc.)

There is no minimum length. The maximum length is 5,000 words.

Two entries are allowed per member. In the case of more than two entries, the first two entries submitted will be judged.

The first-place winner will receive $150. Two second-place winners will receive $50. We're looking for the most original and entertaining stories. Good luck!

Open to Premium Members of TheNextBigWriter.

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Start: January 09, 2022

Deadline: June 30, 2022

Posting Date: Postings that are eligible for this contest must be published on site after July 01, 2001

Prize: $150 first place; $50 runners-up prizes

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