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Status: 2nd Draft

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Yes, this entire novel is basically one big book-length prologue to a story that may never get totally told. Deal with it. :)

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Submitted: January 22, 2019

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Submitted: January 22, 2019

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Spring of 2015



Babadook71: Honestly? I thought war would be more scary and shit. For real. I saw nothing too scary here. I understand this isn't a real war --like WW1 or WW2 or Vietnam or Battlestar Galactica, but... It seems like you were more likely to die from boredom in Iraq than actual war bullets and bullshit. I think.

Superspooge: +Babadook71: Sorry, bro. I'm not the kind of guy who goes around and hates on people on YouTube, but holy shit... You're a fucking idiot. Patriot much, loser?

Babadook 71: +Superspooge: LOL. The truth does hurt, doesn't it? LOser, what you are.

UncleNicoremus: +Babadook71: You are defenetly stupid, bitch. War is not a game and you little kiddy would be fucking scared and i see that you never been to a war or served in the military. You insult to humanity! what you are.

Babadook 71: I have been through much more shit more serious than that Iraq war. Chances of surviving the cancer I had was fucking 12 percent. Chances for an American to survive deployment in Iraq? 99.85 percent. The Iraq war was childs play for me and people like my ass.

Darth Mastervader: +Babadook71: So you rub your misfortunes on people's faces to make yourself look better? I myself had a brain tumor (Pilosotic Astrocytoma) on my Pituitary Glands that could've killed me and still I don't go around rubbing it on people's faces. Try and use your bad life experiences to make others appreciate life more. Rather than make them think they are below you. Just saying buddy.

Shamwowzakowski: +Babadook71; good for you, fucking faggot. i don't wanna pile on, but... I hope you die from the aids you got from all the big black dicks you took up your ass every other night. I say every OTHER night, becaise you obviously ain't man enought to take it on a dialy basis and not take a shit all over yourself.

Babadook 71: +Shamwowzakowski; Aww... did you get your itty bitty short-dicked feelings hurt? Little pussy you are, playing prevent defense. You probably couldn't even handle a "war" like Iraq let alone cancer like I have. Pussy ass bitch., Angry with black people because they made you their bitch in prison, maybe?

Shamwowzakowski: +Babadook71; Well, hopefully that cancer hurries the fuck up and fucking kills your whole fucking family, bitch. There's a reason you got cancer, you know. Because you're a piece of shit human bean bag. Is this how you want to be remembered? Talking shit about th brave people engaged in combat. On Youtube? Karma iscoming to get you, sucker.

Babadook71: Combat? Barely. Fuck off with your ignorant self-righteous, pompous, self-aggrandizing, arrogant and ignorant behavior. You are a HORRIBLE human being and you have no fucking idea about History. will show our soldiers as the bad guys, just like the Nazi soldiers. Go suck Bush's dick while Dick Cheney fucks you in the cornhole while you talk about Karma. Or do you mean the same karma that got Chris Kyle killed?? Eat a rotted dick, you shortdicked dickery do-gooder..

Superspooge: +Babadook71"Their country?" I've done 3 combat deployments to Helmand Province, Afghanistan and taken passports/ID's from other countries off of every single dead insurgent we've gotten our hands on. They aren't "defending their homeland," they're on a mission to kill those that do not believe in their way of life. These are a group of people fucked up on a skewed religious belief killing in the name of religion. It's funny that you compare me to the Nazi's, yet the people we're fighting are EXACTLY like the Nazi's. They're attempting to purify the planet and establish ONE dominant religion/way of life. Who's the real sheep? 

Babadook71: +Superspooge; What you are saying is just Fox News propaganda. None of this shit had fuck all to do with Afghanistan from the start. And yet there we are. over there picking on them because they are weak and we rely on oil from them. Islam, as an organized religion, is only about 1200 years old at the moment. Around the same age, and level of maturity, that Christianity was when the Crusaders and Inquisitioners coulda/shoulda rightly be considered terrorists in their own right. And just like Christians are divided (Catholics vs. Protestants) Muslims have factioned between Sunnis and Shiites and it's all certifiably batshit crazy talk about who the proper prophets, pontiffs, and pulpit-eers oughta be.

Saudi Arabians are the real problem nowadays, anyways. Because they've twisted Muhammad's I Have A Dream caliphate into some sort of capitalist intifada or whatever the fuck. Which you would fucking know if you actually took the time to talk to a certifiable Muslim. Who established the borders in the Middle East? You think just because the Btritish Empire made some lines in the sand that it isn't ISLAMIC land? They look at it as an attack on Islam, which is why they try and defend Islam. Just like us, they can't think of one good or logical reason why we are there, meddling in their shit-eating crazy beliefs, so... A religious war upon Islam *a Crusade, if you will* makes the most sense to them. They don't tell you the bestest ways to kill off innocent women and children so don't you try and tell them about the American History Channel. Got it? Good. Now fuck off. Loser.

Superspooge: +Babadook71; I don't fucking watch Foxnews or Hisyory channel either, you motherfuck. those were my own experiences and those weren't "their lands." You are a fucking idiot who clearly has no knowledge of what's actually going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the middle east. I'm also kind of confused on how you compared America's horrible actions to the Nazi's, then turn around and support the actions of the Nazi's. You wanna blame what happened in Nazi Germany on the Jews? Please do us all a favor and die of your ass cancer, prick. I'm also going out on a limb here and guessing you're a supporter of Yoda and Obi wan and that you used the Force to become a Jedi troll. Moron.

Babadook71: +Superspooge; Others pine fir approval and validation under inspection. I only want to torture people with my yada-yada.

Superspooge: + Babadook71; Ladies and gentleman, come and observe the sociopath in his natural habitat: His mother's basement. Holding a heat lamp hot dog in one hand while trying to spread steak sauce all over it while trying to play Call of Duty while his other fingers tug on his shrimpy limp prick while holding a mountain dew can of beer without spilling it all over the fucking keyboard trying to spell self-righteousness and shit. No life, no wife, no family, no faith, no purpose, and no reason to be living amongst the best of the rest of us. Just taking up space and stealing our breathable air. Sieg Heil Cancer!

Babadook71: + Superspooge; You nearly almost got me pegged there, donkey (no wife, family, faith, or reason to put up with the likes of your ass) except for the fact that I'm actually living in YOUR mom's basement.

CreamSodafan12; That's funny. :)

BummedGunner88; Responding to the initial post... War and Cancer both suck eggs but at least in the hell of war you're on a mission surrounded by friends and stories and filled with some semblance of purpose. Cancer is the pointless kind of hell where there's no one around and the days are filled with nothing but pain. Someone smart once said that every man who's not a soldier naturally thinks himself less than a man in full. Well, I was a soldier and I'm literally less than a full man now. After getting my leg and groin and manly bits blown to bits by an IUD back in Iraq. The private sector wasn't too interested in giving me a dignified living and the government, while medically involved and willing to send me to school, wasn't much of a friend when they found out I wasn't much of a schoolboy. And now I have cancer. The esophageal kind. I'm trying like hell to hang on to dear life, if only long enough to see who wins the Game of Thrones, but I really don't think I'm going to make it.

ReynoldsTrap: +CreamSodafan12; Excuse me, but NONE of this shit is funny. If you haven't been to war, or you don't have kids at war, you've got no right to comment on the men, women, and children --the disposable heroes-- fighting wars for your goodness sake.

Babadook71: + ReynoldsTrap; I've got no desire to have or raise children in this world at war of ours. First of all, any kids of mine wouldn't be worthy of my dedication. Nor would they be deserving of my affectionate afflictions, either. To say nothing of the influence of the wild world of sports that lies beyond my grasp. Therefore, I'm a fucking indisposable hero for witholding my seed. For when i die and when i'm gone, there'll be one child less in this world to carry on. If you stop and think about what I'm saying a little bit, you'll appreciate what I mean, I think. Perhaps not, though. Because you're an idiot who thinks with his dick and his heart instead of his head and his hands.

Superspooge + Babadook71; Shirking your responsibilities as a man and a human but justifying it with some twisted sense of whatever the fuck you're saying? Yeah, you're a real hero, dude. Wait... My bad. You're actually the Nazi.

Babadook71 + Superspooge; Okay, so you're one of them "children are the future" motherfuckers. I'm here to tell you that human children are some of the most selfish and belligerent and prickish organisms in the whole of the galaxy. And growing older doesn't automatically grant them wisdom. But you want to call me a Nazi? You people always have the same logic, no mattre what you hear, read, or see. So let's extrapolate. You think Hitler and all of Germany woke up one day and hated all Jews for no reason at all? Why? Because you don't want to believe it because it goes against everything the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled textbooks have taught you. It doesn't matter to you people that all historians agree that the truth condemns the Jews. You still fucking can't comprehend it because of your Jewish indoctrination. Fine, I will explain it to you.

Of course I blame most everything that's gone wrong on this planet on the Jews. That doesn't mean i think the Holocaust was right. Jews made up 2 percent of the population but controlled 72 percent of the powerful positions in Germany. They kept the wealth to themselves while the Tuetonic Germans starved in the streets. In fact, it was so bad during the Depression that regular germans were prostituting their own children just so they could feed them. And that wasn't even frowned upon at the time because everybody knew it was either that or death. Hitler promised to change that and rose to power off of that promise. When he came to office the only thing he did to the Jewish people was kick them out of power and redistribute the wealth from the Jews to the entire German population . As a result of this, unemployment LITERALLY didn't exist anymore in Germany. The Germans were happy and grateful to Hitler. Everything was alll good. But the Jews in power of other nations were not happy about their Teutonic jewish brothers losing their grip. In 1933 (at madison square garden, no less) the Jews declared war on Hitler and Germany. They did this with embargoes. Those embargoes killed the German economy and the Germans were starving on the streets again. The Germans in Poland were massacred etc. so Hitler decided to try and rescue those Germans in Poland, which he did with the invasion of Poland. But that wasn't the only reason he invaded. He invaded Poland and a few other countries for resources and such. Which he had to do to offset the damage from the embargoes those other countries placed on Germany. Then Britain and France declared war on Hitler and he kicked their asses. ALL of this happened before Hitler killed a single jew. After Stalingrad? Well, Hitler snapped and went too far, I admit.

Yahshuaphotobomb: + Babadook71: So YOu admit that Hitler might've snapped and gone too far? well, that's nice. Can you also admit that you're a racist scumbag motormouth know-it-all Nazi without a clue? Now that would be mighty white of you, my friend. Just saying.

Babadook71: + Yahshuaphotobomb; My own grandfather helped liberate a concentration camp and, because he interrogated many Germans, he knew the truth. He still felt bad for the jews, because hea had a heart, and hated the Nazis for what they did but... It made him feel better knowing that those jews had already caused millions of future Nazi women and children to starve and get raped to death in the streets before they could multiply and satisfy their Aryan destiny. Okay?

So that was your history lesson for the day. Now take your fucking guns you love so much and go kill some more innocent women and children and then come back for tomorrow's lesson. Where I explain to you people how the military industrial complex mass affects your Kosher breakfast. And don't forget to sell yourself some bullshit about provident Christianity and artistic integrity so you can drug yourself to sleep at night.

And, yes, as a matter of fact, I do consider myself a Jedi Knight. Of the first order. Wanna fight about it?

Ron Ding Dong King: +Babadook71: If you are not a veteran of any war then I suggest you not say nothing about what is scary. It's still a dangerous over there in a daily basis. Those people the enemies are not organized, poor training, old hardware ( which can still pack a punch ) , no rules, or established government to put these groups in line for a mass execution. It's just as scary as any other war when bullets fly at your face or next to your pals and comrades.

Babadook71: +Ron King; Just as scary as any other war? Please. Do you mean to include all the bygone wars when soldiers actually had to get up close and smell their enemies, exchanging phrases, gazes, glances, and blows before they could finally disfigure, dismember, or disembowel their foes with hand-held instruments of death and destruction in order to declare victory? Well, then... Congrats on winning the idiot of the day award. You truly are a champion, Ron King! Of truly foolish cocksucking cowards and codswallops, that is.

Ron Ding Dong King: +Babadook71; Once again. If you are not a veteran, you should shut the fuck up. Or state your rank.

Babdook71: +Ron Ding Dong King; I would never fight a war in which WE are the bad guys. If we ever got into a real war, on our land, on the other hand? Well, I would be one of the first on the front lines. But I simply refuse to kill innocent people. Sorry. 

And I don't even need to be on the front lines to see what the death rate is compared to other REAL wars. Your chances of surviving that Iraq war were WAYYYYY over 99 percent. For the "enemy" it was a real war, though. The Muslims didn't have Apache helicopters to come in and save them whenever they got in a little bit of trouble. For them, they were damm sure to be killed by those helicopters. Yet they still went in and fought to the death. THEY weren't cowards.

Fudge98: +Babadook71; as a cancer survivor you talk shit about war like it is a fucking game and then have the audacity to think you are better then an American soldier.

Babadook71: +Fudge98; The Iraq war WAS a game compared to cancer. At least on the American side. The enemy soldiers? COMPLETELY different story. They went through hell and going through hell only makes a man more hellish. Just like going to jail only makes a man more jailable.

Bustedgame: Videos can't capture emotions. Look at old WW2 footage and it looks the exact same. You see United States Marines shooting at a bunch of trees and bushes because the Japs were hiding in them.

Babadook71: Videos don't capture emotions? What are you saying/smoking? Do books capture emoticons? If someone told me I could go to Iraq during the worst time of the war and, if I came back alive, my cancer would be gone? Well, I would go in a goddamned heartbeat. 99.8 percent chance of surviving Iraq...Very little chance surviving my cancer.

Cambot3000: +Babadook71; And yet survive you've done did. You sir, your an idiot. I was going to explain why your statement has so much wrong in it. Americans didnt give 2 shits about jews, see the swastikas hung from the white house in the early 40s, but you've clearly never served. Your just some piece of shit who isnt even fit to stand in the shadows of these great men and women.

Babadook71: +Cambot3000It's "you're an idiot" not "your an idiot". Idiot.

Skypilot: This argument is good and well, but it's not really. We never should have been there in the first place. 9/11 was a false flag attack of the Bush Administration and it was the excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq (there were no weapons of mass destruction). Most Americans and people in the world are ignorant and brainwashed. You need to learn the real agenda behind all of this. The troops are pawns in a fucking game of chess where they lose, while the people that started the war stay in the comfort of their mansions and get rich off it. I am a vet and was in the first Gulf War. I should know. My father was in Korea, and his father in WWII. Throughout our entire family lineage back to the Revolutionary War my family has served. The last real war that we actually needed to fight was WWII. Everything since then has been wars for profit started by bankers and Gascons with penis envy.

Bushschool: +Skypilot; Shut up you fool.

Babadook71: America doesn't give 2 shits about the Jews? The Jews completely control our country. In a Democratic Free Market Capitalistic society, the people with money are the ones with real power. And the people with money are the Jews. Why do you think we are fighting in the Middle East to begin with? Ever consider that it might be because our illogical irrational tyrannical support of the apartheid in Palestine pissed off enough Muslims for them to attack us on 9/11? Then, after 9/11, who was it that convinced Bush that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Oh that's right. It was Wolfowitz. Mr. Jew himself and shit. Had we not been soooooo supportive of apartheid/Jews in Palestine we wouldn't be in this mess.  Before responding ask yourself this question, and answer it honestly:

If the whole world suddenly supported Islam and the Middle East and decided to take control of the USA government and made the entire eastern seabord an Islamic state and sanctuary for persecuted Muslims around the world to live in and those Muslims made sure all Muslims were wealthy off the land and all other Americans starve in poverty... Would you be ok with that? If you would be 100 percent ok with that then I understand why you think these wars are justified. THAT is what we support with our relentless support of Israel in occupied Palestine. Osama bin Laden said it best when he said: "If a mother and a lamb were attacked by a wolf and the wolf ate the baby lamb and then out of anger the mother lamb kicks the wolf and the wolf shouts TERRORIST!!!!!!" That is USA logic at its core. Bin Laden said he hoped the USA would ask themselves the question "why did they do this to us?" and would learn the truth and stop the terrorism Israel commits. Osama thought we were good people who just didn't know the truth. But after the attacks the public just went with the "they hate our freedom" approach. The world face-palmed itself, because almost every country in the world has freedom.

Killimanjarodojo: Sitting here, drinking beer, I can't believe how belligerently ignorant you all are. What do Nazis and Jews and Hitler got to do with this video? Seriously?

JHamler1: Indeed! Every last one of you cockamamie assholes are belligerent in your ignorance. More than that, y'all are missing the point! I'M the one in the video. I'M the one who went and saw and got his ass kicked in. I'M the one still living to try and write a book about it. What more do I gotta do to gain some goddamned noble and notable notoriety in this country? You want I should TWERK around with Anna and Elsa and Maleficent at the Kennedy Center honoring Disney's stable of sexy Jewish/Gentile Witches/Princesses while you drunken cunts argue the merits of modern warfare? Let he without sin cast the first aspersion. The rest of you (meaning ALL of you) oughta just buy my book when it comes out. Before you lose your minds and shit your granny panties in a disco panic.

UltimateMister99: Now that he mentions it... Who do y'all think would win the Miss Disney pageant? Jasmine is hot af and Rapunzel is adorable, but... I'm putting my bunny ranch money on Megara. From the Hercules movie.

Cornyson: It's Esmeralda for me. Sh-wiiing!

Duraflambe: Me? I'd giddyup and fuck that red-headed hybrid fishy bitch first and foremostly. I forget her name now, though. Whatever it is, I'd still fuck it. And as far as the rest of this thread goes? Wars are only good if it's got the word Star in front of it.

UltimateMister99: Now that he mentions it... What does George Lucas have against arms and hands? 

Duraflambe: Seriously, right? And instead of waiting thirty minutes for the Death Star to orbit Yavin (the planet blocking a clear shot at the rebel moon base) why doesn't Governor Tarkin just use the ULTIMATE WEAPON to blow Yavin up and get it the fuck out of his way already?

UltimateMister99: I know. And listen... Biologically, wouldn't Jabba the Hut (an enormous extraterrestrial elephant turd with eyeballs) consider Leia Organa (a coppertoned, iron bikini clad Jewish-American space Princess) a much better MEAL than a slave maiden? 

Babadook71: +JHamler1: Forget yourself and your propaganda war NOVEL, buddy. Shamelessly plugging a book about your NON-warrior exploits? you're luckey to even be alive, bitch. Just like me. Just like all of us not named Bono. Or Tom motherfucking David Brady Beckham Kennedy. You lost and didn't win that war, did you? So don't you think you should get your lucky butt on back there and try all over again?








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