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About theNextBigWriter:

TheNextBigWriter is a dynamic online writing community that provides short story, novel, and poetry writers of all levels with an opportunity to get read, to receive feedback, and to get recognized and rewarded. Since its launch in October 2005 the site’s members have generated over 112,000 detailed reviews on 16,723 novel chapters, short stories, and poems posted on the site. From this, over 100 short stories and poems workshopped on TheNextBigWriter have been published by independent literary magazines. Several of the novels on the site have already achieved commercial success and many more are moving their way through the publication process. More


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Member Testimonials:

I am so grateful for the help I´ve gotten from other writers here, the feedback has been excellent. I have to give a lot of credit to my reviewers for helping me get my novel ready for publication. It´s been a learning experience and I�ve made many friends along the way. I highly recommend this website. - Caroline (The Coffee Lady-

Caroline's book The Coffee Diary was published by Mac Adam/Cage. 

As you know, TINSEL WILDERNESS: Lessons on Survival as a Creative Person in Hollywood and Other Extreme Climates went through the process at The Next Big Writer is now out as an ebook and trade paperback. I am currently recording the audio podcast, and plan to have it in the market before the end of the year. The initial reaction is terrific...I've already got great commentary and quotes from famous directors, stars and one studio head. Thank you and your members for all the help they have given me over the past two years!
- John Klawitter

I have been a member for a month or so, and have uploaded 42 chapters of my novel-Tozai "finger licking good". I think this site is fantastic! I have learned more about writing than I thought would be possible.
- Dur Shacho

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