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Free Short Stories and Free Poetry

TNBW Publishing provides readers with access to free short stories and free poetry published from theNextBigWriter community. On a frequent basis work is chosen from TheNextBigWriter website to be shown in TNBW Publishing. Selected writers receive a paying publishing contract. Learn More.

Current Publishing Competitions:

Enter the My Writing Life Competition to win one of ten $50 publishing contracts. Get published in print, online, and in e-book format. Deadline August 13, 2008.

Writing published after February 2007 is published on our new publishing site Booksie.com.

Halloween (October 31) 2007

Short Story

Mr. Flanagan's Garden
by Lemonlye



by Kulanga


Ocean Flash Fiction and Poetry Competition - Summer 2007

Short Story

The Ocean Outside My Door
by Brian Lancaster



The Shell
Roisin Moriarty


February 8, 2007

Short Stories

Chapter One: The End
by m_e_s

At Last
by Jennifer



Little Lamb
by Michelle Montgomery

Surviving the American Dream
by Pamela Black

New Year's Eve 2106 Shorty Story Competition (December 31, 2006)

Tears of Ice
by James Weir


November 10 , 2006 Publishing Round

Short Stories

Daryl Robert Preston
by Scott Eberhart

Curling Toes
by Greg Crites



Creation Love
by Sapsorrow

Grief; Triump Over
by Sapsorrow

2006 Horror Publishing Round (Halloween Contest Winners)

Short Stories

The Silhouette Coffin
by r pia



Embracing the Reaper
by L.P. Thomas

Sept 7 , 2006 Publishing Round

Short Stories

That Dress
by Selah Cooper-Holl

Airing the Laundry
by K. Jergens

Online Dating Thoughts from a Southern Girl’s Point of View
by Debra Newell




Chance Encounter
by Tyme Passages

Midlife Heat Wave
by Debra Newell


July 31 , 2006 Publishing Round

Short Stories

Directions to Assemble
by Barry N Davidson

TheNextBruisedEgo.com: Gem's Parody
by Gale Martin

The Adventures of Fuckaroo Cowboy: Part I
by Doinmybestatlast




The Trumpets
by Mike Brennan

The Beast
by Elle Lockwood

Crap...Ooops I Mean Rap
by Barry N Davidson

June 7 , 2006 Publishing Round

Short Stories

The Journal
by Derek Atkins

Being A Drag On Your Future Wife
by Barry N Davidson

A Man Like Me
by Gale Martin




by L. P. Thomas

I Cannot Breathe
by Jennifer McConnell

Dancing with Mary-Jane
by Pamela Black

March 7, 2006 Publishing Round

Short Stories

Elemental Changes
by Lesley C. Weston

Cliche: An Accident Waiting to Happen
by Barry N Davidson

The Swing
by J Baker




Pass Us Through
by Diana Methot

Pyro Man
by Rebecca Latyntseva

The Mirror of Soul
by Barry N Davidson

December 31, 2005 Publishing Round

Short Stories

An Inch Off the Bottom
by Michele Cozzens

A Birthday Surprise
by Mike Davis

A Touch of Seduction
by Mike B



by L.P. Thomas

The Smell of Rain
by Maria Ganado

Johnny's Best Christmas
by Lizzy_Lemon

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