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Make Money from Your Writing Site or Blog.

TheNextBigWriter Web Linking Referral Program

TheNextBigWriter Web Linking Referral Program provides you with the opportunity to earn money when you refer website traffic to TheNextBigWriter. If you are a web site owner or operate a Blog you can earn $8.00 US for online traffic you refer to the site that converts into paying members.

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Partner with a Fast Growing Site

Benefit from the growth of a dynamic writing community that provides writers with a place to receive feedback, meet other writers, participate in contests, and receive motivation and support.

TheNextBigWriter works. Many of our members have had their short stories, poems, and books published due to the feedback and support they have received on the site. We run frequent contests, have thousands of members, and have been featured in the press.

How the Program Works

  1. Referral Program members place links and banners provided by TheNextBigWriter on relevant sites and emails.
  2. If someone clicks on one of those links and banners and then joins as a paying member of theNextBigWriter, the Referral Program Member earns $8.00 US.
  3. Payment is made via PayPal on a quarterly basis to all accounts with balances over $20.00.


Once you are accepted into the program, you and track your earnings through our program console. In addition, the program console is where you can retrieve banners and links and receive updates and information.

Participation is Free and It's Easy to Start

  1. To start, fill out the online application.
  2. Once approved, choose from a selection of links and banners and place them on your site.
  3. Check back daily to see if any of your traffic has converted.

Please note: TheNextBigWriter Web Linking Referral Program is run on a platform managed by AffiliateShop. As a result, you will be sent over to their site to apply.

Please email us at support@thenextbigwriter.com with any additional questions.


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