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The Red & Vermillian Cliffs

Written by: The White Wolf

This is a Historically correct western that takes place in 1876. A U.S. Marshal and a Army Major have disappeared when they travel to what is now Utah. They are investigating reports of Comancheros and Mormon Danites in the area around Kanab. Please read the manuscript all the way through, note places where the story raises questions in your mind. Are you surprised by something a character said or did? Is the plot not progressing as you expected? Does there seem to be an inconsistency? Does something need to be explained? Look for grammar problems, feel free to correct them. Please point out words that stand out-good or bad, the metaphors that fail or work, dialogue, descriptions, voice, tone, style, characterization, point of view, dialogue, setting, plot, structure, tension, conflict, pacing and theme. In the military we called this a murder board, please feel free to shread every word if you so desire... Thank You

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