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Genre: westerns

Title Author Type Reviews Credits Date
click to expandTwo Roads to SundayMarilyn JohnsonNovel3n/aSep 14, 2014
click to expandThe Horse ThiefD.Clifton WattsNovel6n/aSep 5, 2011
click to expandThe Red & Vermillian CliffsThe White WolfNovel7n/aOct 20, 2010
click to expandDo not stand by my grave and weep . .The Legend of Blues EyesBuffalotalesShort Story71.30Sep 16, 2009
click to expandThe Night the Horses ScreamedM. DyerShort Story192.13Jun 30, 2009
click to expandTrails of a Lonely HeartTrampasNovel4n/aMar 16, 2009
click to expandThe Last True CowboySidemanPoetry170.47Oct 9, 2008

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