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Content: war

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandSilver BulletquasarShort StoryWar and Military30.72Sep 26, 2014
click to expandThe Pendragon Book II: Son of the Enduring OakRebecca VaughnNovelHistorical Fiction6n/aJun 29, 2014
click to expandNecessary EvilMatthew JNovelHorror2n/aJun 11, 2014
click to expandCycle GamingmanwithnonamePoetryPoetry00.00May 18, 2014
click to expandMirrored MemoriesOdin RoarkPoetryPoetry00.35Feb 23, 2014
click to expandTwenty-Seven Thousand DaysLinkun ChenShort StoryLiterary Fiction61.10Feb 21, 2014
click to expandThe Pendragon Book I: Son of the Burning Rowan Rebecca VaughnNovelHistorical Fiction3n/aOct 24, 2013
click to expandBirth: or The Exquisite Sound of One Hand Falling Off a Turnip TruckS.T. GulikNovelHumor4n/aJul 30, 2013
click to expandAutumntime (working title) Rebecca VaughnNovelHistorical Fiction2n/aJun 29, 2013
click to expandThe StandDan PhilipsPoetryPoetry50.38May 17, 2013
click to expandCABLE HORNMAN: SECRET OF THE DRUIDSC Lee BrownNovelFantasy16n/aMar 31, 2013
click to expandGrenadeDoug OlsenShort StoryAction and Adventure30.10Mar 27, 2013
click to expandThe Beast of Caer Baddan (Draft 2)Rebecca VaughnNovelHistorical Fiction7n/aDec 15, 2012
click to expandGreenriver ChroniclesW.L. PostNovelMystery and Crime1n/aNov 2, 2012
click to expandThe Last Man in VietnamRobert GoswitzNovelHistorical Fiction28n/aJul 11, 2012
click to expandTerminal IllnessMoshe176Short StoryMemoir113.12Jul 7, 2012
click to expandCasey Steel The Reluctant Witchd a reynoldsNovelScience Fiction21n/aJun 4, 2012
click to expandTierra Treej l moNovelFantasy5n/aApr 25, 2012
click to expandThe Mist Along The RiverSidemanNovelHistorical Fiction21n/aApr 24, 2012
click to expandThe General and The SonLinkun ChenShort StoryWar and Military50.80Apr 4, 2012
click to expandWhitney, Living on HighmswriterShort StoryEditorial and Opinion110.28Feb 21, 2012
click to expandForever ChameleonOdin RoarkPoetryPoetry40.51Feb 16, 2012
click to expandTo SeeOdin RoarkPoetryPoetry50.60Feb 5, 2012
click to expandBirth of an AngelErndogNovelHumor13n/aJan 14, 2012
click to expandThe Greatest Sports Moment (revised)vernShort StoryOther51.08Dec 22, 2011
click to expandMY DADDYkylaShort StoryNon-Fiction150.30Dec 19, 2011
click to expandPathsOdin RoarkPoetryPoetry40.70Dec 15, 2011
click to expandWings To GiveOdin RoarkPoetryPoetry40.56Dec 6, 2011
click to expandFragmentsOdin RoarkPoetryPoetry31.28Oct 7, 2011
click to expandLAY HIM DOWN EASYflowing pencilPoetryPoetry120.30Jun 20, 2011
click to expandStone Mountain: Act 1 and 2m w mccoyShort StoryFantasy41.38Jun 19, 2011
click to expandAngel's From the SkyVeejayKumarNovelWar and Military4n/aJun 3, 2011
click to expandAlone in My Nightmares (revision 1)QWLauren35Short StoryCommercial Fiction121.11Jun 2, 2011
click to expandCora's Conflictpammy raffShort StoryFlash Fiction80.88Apr 4, 2011
click to expandThe Soldier flowing pencilPoetryPoetry100.36Feb 8, 2011
click to expandCasualty Of Battleflowing pencilPoetryPoetry100.64Jan 29, 2011
click to expandSouthern GroundDan PhilipsPoetryWar and Military80.47Jan 25, 2011
click to expandWar EverlastingKeenNovelLiterary Fiction4n/aDec 12, 2010
click to expandAlone in My NightmaresQWLauren35Short StoryCommercial Fiction80.92Sep 6, 2010
click to expandSonata in G MinorKeenShort StoryLiterary Fiction70.19Jul 19, 2010
click to expandIudaeaBranchNovelHistorical Fiction4n/aJun 11, 2010
click to expandLiving In The Shadowsflowing pencilPoetryPoetry110.66May 18, 2010
click to expandThe Earth Never RestsKeenShort StoryLiterary Fiction41.28Mar 29, 2010
click to expandBeyond An OceanDan PhilipsPoetryPoetry70.49Mar 5, 2010
click to expandSatans SoldierDan PhilipsPoetryWar and Military30.47Nov 21, 2009
click to expandBetween the PoppiesKeenShort StoryLiterary Fiction72.55Oct 5, 2009
click to expandExecutive Samurai Dur ShachoNovelAction and Adventure3n/aSep 13, 2009
click to expandA Dance with the EnemyBuffalotalesShort StoryHistorical Fiction20.00Sep 7, 2009
click to expandBride of WarBride of WarNovelMemoir2n/aJul 28, 2009
click to expandA Lazy Incompetent Life james129067NovelMemoir6n/aJul 12, 2009
click to expandWarsaw AngelKeenShort StoryFlash Fiction60.33May 18, 2009
click to expand--- Blue EyesDan PhilipsPoetryWar and Military101.90Apr 18, 2009
click to expandSinful PairHouston HolwayNovelWar and Military6n/aNov 27, 2008
click to expandFather Hear My Criesflowing pencilPoetryPoetry180.72Oct 7, 2008
click to expandReconstruction DaysNathan B. ChildsNovelLiterary Fiction30n/aSep 24, 2008
click to expandA Soldier's StorySidemanPoetryWar and Military120.82Aug 9, 2008
click to expandFinal DressingJayce ColePoetryPoetry90.38Jul 20, 2006

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