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Content: time machine droubble

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Recently Submitted

Title Author Type Genre Reviews Credits Date
click to expandThe Hour of Oppressionpammy raffShort StoryFlash Fiction40.12Feb 21, 2011
click to expandA fish?WhitewindShort StoryFlash Fiction60.12Feb 20, 2011
click to expandTime To Be - Or NotpamlajjShort StoryFlash Fiction30.12Feb 19, 2011
click to expandThe Futurea.y.anouchiShort StoryFantasy10.18Feb 19, 2011
click to expandDancing With Dr. Hampammy raffShort StoryFlash Fiction60.12Feb 18, 2011
click to expandThe Great Time Suckmike bShort StoryHumor40.13Feb 17, 2011
click to expandRoomate Agreementmike bShort StoryScience Fiction10.00Feb 17, 2011
click to expandGoing Down in Historymike bShort StoryFlash Fiction40.12Feb 15, 2011
click to expandThe MoorsEileen ElkinsonShort StoryFlash Fiction40.12Feb 11, 2011
click to expandGlad to meet meblue eyed shifterShort StoryFlash Fiction20.00Feb 8, 2011
click to expandCleansing the Templemichael webbShort StoryHistorical Fiction20.00Feb 8, 2011
click to expandAlien Place in Outer Space #janineShort StoryScience Fiction50.12Feb 7, 2011
click to expandThe World in Black and WhiteBuffalotalesShort StoryHistorical Fiction20.20Feb 4, 2011
click to expandIt'll be a Grand Ole OpryJackson JamesShort StoryFlash Fiction50.13Feb 2, 2011
click to expandBENNY AND JUNEflowing pencilShort StoryHumor80.13Jan 22, 2011
click to expandFifteen Again BuffalotalesShort StoryFan Fiction50.12Jan 20, 2011
click to expandMy Mommy Hates MeemarieShort StoryFlash Fiction80.13Jan 19, 2011
click to expandThe Last AlignmentJackson JamesShort StoryFlash Fiction70.12Jan 15, 2011
click to expandContinuumDan PhilipsShort StoryFlash Fiction30.13Jan 13, 2011
click to expandSouthern Charmcattails040Short StoryOther20.22Jan 11, 2011
click to expandDARING TO BELIEVEflowing pencilPoetryFlash Fiction140.78Jan 7, 2011
click to expandBureaucracyJackson JamesShort StoryFlash Fiction60.11Jan 5, 2011
click to expandTime for a Change.Jackson JamesShort StoryFlash Fiction40.13Jan 3, 2011
click to expandThe Easy ButtonemarieShort StoryFlash Fiction60.12Jan 1, 2011
click to expandMusing.Jackson JamesShort StoryFlash Fiction70.12Dec 31, 2010
click to expandKiss Me KateemarieShort StoryFlash Fiction120.13Dec 30, 2010
click to expandAlzheimer's ReliefemarieShort StoryFlash Fiction80.13Dec 29, 2010
click to expandExit with a bangCoupleDumbPaulShort StoryScience Fiction80.12Dec 28, 2010
click to expand The Incredible ShroudNathan B. ChildsShort StoryFlash Fiction160.14Dec 25, 2010
click to expandThe LotteryemarieShort StoryFlash Fiction110.13Dec 25, 2010
click to expandTibetan Time TravelNathan B. ChildsShort StoryFlash Fiction90.12Dec 23, 2010
click to expandWashington D.C.Nathan B. ChildsShort StoryFlash Fiction80.12Dec 23, 2010
click to expandTwenty-OneTirzahLaughsShort StoryFlash Fiction90.14Dec 23, 2010
click to expandNovember 3rd, 2014Nathan B. ChildsShort StoryFlash Fiction80.12Dec 23, 2010
click to expandVIRGINIA flowing pencilShort StoryHumor150.12Dec 22, 2010
click to expandNo More EdenemarieShort StoryFlash Fiction50.12Dec 22, 2010
click to expandUh Oh!Jackson JamesShort StoryFlash Fiction130.12Dec 21, 2010
click to expandGETTING A SECOND CHANCEDodie CrossShort StoryWar and Military50.12Dec 20, 2010
click to expandHer Last LoverDoug MooreShort StoryLiterary Fiction110.12Dec 20, 2010
click to expandHow will she get home?Memphis TraceShort StoryScience Fiction40.14Dec 20, 2010
click to expandDestination: Salem, OregonNathan B. ChildsShort StoryFlash Fiction150.12Dec 20, 2010
click to expandA Bad DateskeptikoiShort StoryLiterary Fiction200.12Dec 19, 2010
click to expandSaving the LibrarynexusShort StoryFlash Fiction60.12Dec 18, 2010
click to expandIN THE BEGINNING THE WORD WASN'Tflowing pencilShort StoryHumor170.12Dec 18, 2010
click to expandPay Back Time (Updated)wisealmaShort StoryFlash Fiction50.12Dec 18, 2010
click to expandEx TemporeJackson JamesShort StoryFlash Fiction70.13Dec 17, 2010
click to expandKent State Do-overDoug MooreShort StoryLiterary Fiction70.12Dec 17, 2010
click to expandA Royal MomentStindoShort StoryFlash Fiction90.13Dec 17, 2010
click to expandThe Particular Thrill of ParticipationJake HawkinsShort StoryFlash Fiction100.12Dec 16, 2010
click to expandIMAGINEJohn HamlerShort StoryFlash Fiction190.11Dec 16, 2010
click to expandTHE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTHrlvsShort StoryFlash Fiction50.12Dec 16, 2010
click to expandThe Book DepositoryJake HawkinsShort StoryOther70.12Dec 15, 2010
click to expandThe EndingDan PhilipsShort StoryScience Fiction130.12Dec 15, 2010
click to expandTime Travel Gone Wrong Droubbletina_dc_hayesShort StoryHorror150.14Dec 14, 2010

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